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TDP dares AP police to give notices to Telangana cops

Tadepalli orders behind police notice to ex Minister: Pattabhi
AP ganja mafia posing threat to youth all over country
AMARAVATI: TDP National Spokesman K. Pattabhi Ram on Tuesday said the AP police were showing sincerity and efficiency only in harassing the opposition TDP leaders but not to nab the ganja and drug smuggling gangs in Andhra Pradesh.
Pattabhi strongly objected to the manner in which the Narsipatnam police arrived in Guntur within a short time and served a midnight notice to former Minister Nakka Anand Babu for just supporting the cause of AP youth. It was evident the police were acting at the behest of Tadepalli palace. If they were really sincere, the AP Police should issue similar notices to the cops of Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka for their statements on AP ganja gangs.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that the Jagan Reddy Government was not at all bothered though reports came from all over the country on seizure of Andhra ganja. But, they were misusing the police to harass the TDP leaders just for demanding action against the drug mafia. The Narsipatnam police had no time to raid and nab ganja gangs in their scheduled areas but they came at a lightning speed to serve notice on the ex-Minister within hours after his press conference yesterday.
Pattabhi Ram demanded that the AP Police give explanation on the raids being conducted by the cops of other States. The Telangana police came under attack by the emboldened ganja gangs who were armed with axes and stones. How would the Narsipatnam police explain this? In another incident, the Tamil Nadu police had to cross over into Tada area in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh in hot pursuit of ganja gangs. But, the gangsters attacked the TN police with bombs.
The TDP leader said that the Bangalore police also seized Andhra ganja and arrested smugglers. They announced that the seized ganja came from Visakhapatnam drug mafia gangs. The Uttar Pradesh police also seized a huge quantity of ganja and announced that it belonged to Andhra. Guntur Urban SP also spoke about liquid ganja from Vizag being transported to Gujarat. Why was notice serviced on this SP?
Pattabhi Ram said that the Adivasi leaders themselves openly made a statement that the ruling YSRCP leaders were involved in the ganja and drug mafia. Their statements appeared in the national media as well. There were reports about Rs. 8,000 Cr ganja being cultivated in Visakha agency. For spending Rs. 1 lakh per acre of ganja cultivation, they were getting Rs. 10 lakh profits. But the AP Police were not taking any action for reasons best known to themselves.
The TDP leader described the latest notice served on Anand Babu as an attack on the Dalits in the State. Ever since coming to power, the Jagan Reddy regime was making non stop attacks on the weaker sections. The TDP would not be cowed down by such intimidatory tactics and it would further intensify their agitation against the YSRCP-backed drug mafia. The erring police officers would face serious consequences since the TDP would initiate legal action against them.
Pattabhi said that while Chandrababu Naidu srove hard to attract investments and jobs for AP youth, Jagan Reddy was hell bent on destroying the lives and golden future of a whole generation. The police officials should stop coming in khaki uniforms during midnight hours like robbers to harass the TDP leaders. It became a routine for the police to take orders from Tadepalli palace and go like postmen to serve notices on the opposition leaders.

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