TDP dares CM, Ministers to dissolve Assembly

Can Jagan Reddy seek fresh mandate, asks Atchannaidu
YCP Civic poll wins should be dedicated to DGP
AMARAVATI: TDP State President K. Atchannaidu on Wednesday challenged whether the Chief Minister and his Ministers had the courage to seek fresh mandate from the public since they were unethically boasting of huge victories to their party in the municipal polls.
Atchannaidu said that CM Jagan Reddy should immediately dissolve the Assembly and go for the State election if his party really won in the civic polls with popular support. If the YSRCP would secure victory in the Assembly election, then the TDP would accept its defeat and close down its political operations in the State.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that the ruling YSRCP committed all sorts of election offences in the Kuppam municipal poll. The women and young voters were shocked at the manner in which the Jagan regime misused the police and election machinery. Truly speaking, the YCP civic polls victory should be dedicated to the DGP for his total partiality and bias in favour of the ruling party.
Atchannaidu lauded the TDP cadres for fighting a memorable battle in the municipal polls. Every party worker would deserve a special mention for coming out and confronting the ruling party goondas. The results in Bethamcherla, Darsi and Jaggaiahpet showed that the people no longer had trust that the CM and his MLAs were claiming for their Government. In the Finance Minister’s own ward, the TDP candidate won.
The TDP leader asked whether it was correct for the ruling YSRCP MLA to go into the counting centre at Jaggaiahpet. This only showed the frustration and desperation of the ruling party leaders in the face of rising public resentment against their Government. The present polls revealed that the anti-incumbency factor came to the fore even two and half years before the next general election.
Atchannaidu said that usually, the wave of public anger against any Government would start one year before any general election. But, with regard to the Jagan regime, the popular discontent bega two and half years in advance. The YCP Government had miserably failed in all sectors, from economy to financial situation to price rise and education. In the name of welfare, the Jagan regime was destroying the whole future of the State and that of the weaker sections.
The TDP leader termed it shameful on the part of the YSRCP leaders to celebrate victories after having won the civic polls with ‘bogus voters’ who were also brought from other States. Innocent women and youth were brought from Punganur to cast ‘fake votes’ in Kuppam. Jagan Reddy was under a delusion that he would be able to betray and cheat the AP people with his suppressive and oppressive tactics.