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TDP slams CM for hiking current charges 6 times

State wide stir demanding roll back of power charges
Naidu presides TDP key leaders meet
Rs 11,611 Cr extra burden in just two and half years
Rs 24,491 Cr loans brought through APPFCL
YCP bigwigs emerging drug lords and mafia kings
AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), at a meeting of important leaders presided by party National President and former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Monday slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy Government for increasing current charges for over six times in just two and half years in the State.
The TDP resolved to step up its agitation to demand roll back of current charges by holding protest programmes from October 4 to 31. All sections of people should take part and make the protests a success. The agitation of consumers would consist of awareness events in the media, meetings at village and mandal level, visits of MLAs and incharges and finally zonal level protests. The YCP regime increased current charges even when the people were suffering greatly during the peak of Coronavirus infections.
The TDP leaders said that it was high time for the people to denounce and reject the lopsided policies of the Government. The previous Chandrababu regime did not hike a single rupee in current charges during its five year rule. Whereas, CM Jagan Reddy came to power by promising no hike in current charges but broke that promise in his usual inimitable style. The Jagan rule put a power sector burden of Rs. 36,102 Cr in the past two and half years.
The Telugu Desam leaders deplored that over Rs. 11,611 Cr additional burden was put on the people in the form of hikes in current charges for over six times. Another huge burden was imposed by bringing Rs. 24,491 Cr loans through the AP Power Finance Corporation Ltd (APPFCL). The agitation by power consumers in AP should be taken to the next level in order to bring the adamant Jagan regime to its knees.
Expressing concern over the ‘drug mafia’ activities, the TDP said thousands of crores were changing hands at the instance of Tadepalli orders. Mafia was ruling the roost in drugs import, ganja, gutka, liquor, mines, sand and land grabs. Thousands of crores of these illegal funds were going to foregin countries. The YCP leaders emerged as drug dons and smuggling kings. Over 380 Indians were named in the Pandor Papers list of tax evaders. Doubts were there about Jagan Reddy’s name in the Pandora list.
The TDP leaders alleged that spurious liquor was being made in AP and there were fears about mixing of drugs in liquor. Illegal money made in liquor business was being sent to other countries through hawala route. YSRCP MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy was acting like the benami of CM Jaganmohan Reddy. There was a need for holding a thorough investigation into all these aspects to bring out the facts.
The TDP said that the Government was not rescuing the farmers when they were suffering crop damages and losses in natural calamities. Injustice was done in e-crop bookings. The farmers were not getting input subsidies and crop insurance. The Government was not paying its share as well as that of farmers towards crop insurance premium. No timely support was given to groundnut farmers in Rayalaseema. Drip irrigation and mechanisation support came to a standstill totally.
The Telugu Desam leaders urged for taking efforts to prevent Covid spread in schools and rescue the students. Already, the Government’s negligence has put a lot of suffering to the people. The TIDCO houses constructed during the TDP rule were still not being handed over to the beneficiaries. Two and half years were over but the beneficiaries were not getting justice. The Jagan regime has not built a single new house till now.
The TDP said the YSRCP rule has destroyed People’s Capital Amaravati. Each acre was fetching Rs. 60 Cr in auctions in Hyderabad. Whereas in Amaravati, youth were losing heavily due to lack of jobs. People lost a big asset. The Dalits suffered the most in Jagan rule. Dragging away cows tied to the municipal tractor in Palasa in Srikakulam was highly condemnable. Delay was caused in payment of NREGS and Neeru Chettu works. Public assets were being auctioned to make illegal money.

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