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TDP slams CM over Posani comments on Pawan

Jagan should have restrained Posani: Atchannaidu
YCP leaders should counter rivals politically, not personally
AMARAVATI: TDP State President K. Atchannaidu strongly criticised Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy for not restraining film actor Posani Krishna Murali from making personally abusive comments on Pawan Kalyan.
Atchannaidu asked what was the agenda behind the Chief Minister’s silence when his party activist Posani crossed all limits and passed comments even on the Jana Sena party leader’s mother, wife and family members. Jagan Reddy should have made a public statement objecting to such indecent statements against political opponents. The Prashant Kishor teams were making YCP leaders to resort to such personal attacks on rivals.
In a statement here, the TDP leader asserted that there was a responsibility on the leaders of political parties to counter criticism from opposition parties along political lines but not personal lines. But, the ruling party leaders and activists were resorting to abusive language and personal attacks with the sole motive to divert public attention from the people’s issues. CM Jagan should explain to the people why his party was losing patience and following unparliamentary methods.
Atchannnaidu termed it as unfortunate that Jaganmohan Reddy was enjoying himself in his Tadepalli palace when his party leaders were using ‘unpalatable’ language against political opponents. Even those who would drink cheap liquor at the Jagan Reddy Government shops would not speak so cheaply like YCP leaders. AP became a hub for Rs. 2 lakh crore worth drugs under the YCP rule. The YSRCP leaders joined hands with the drug mafia and made quick money by destroying the future of AP youth.
The TDP leader deplored that the YCP leaders in AP were colluding with Afghan terrorists thereby committing betrayal of the nation. The Jagan regime imposed huge burdens on the people through hike in prices of petrol, diesel, sand, liquor, current charges, property tax and essential commodities. Atrocities were on the rise on women belonging to Dalit, Girijan, Minority and Backward Classes.
Condemning the Government’s ‘negligence’, Atchannaidu deplored that alarming reports were coming everyday about mafia activities in drugs, heroin, ganja, gutka, tonsure hair, red sander, rice, sand, land, mine, wine and cement. The YCP leaders were working under the Prashant Kishor teams to divert the public attention from the anti-people activities and policies of the Jagan rule. They were bent on provoking and dividing people along caste, religion and regional lines.
The TDP leader said that the culture and traditions of the AP people came under attack because of the latest abusive behaviour of the ruling YCP leaders. They were stooping to the lowest levels for the sake of narrow selfish political benefits. The people would teach strong lessons to the YCP leaders at an appropriate time. The CM and his associates should realise that they would not be able to cheat all the people at all the places all the time. The common public, intellectuals and freedom loving citizens should condemn the abusive language and threats of the YCP leaders.

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