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TDP to Govt: Cut prices ahead of Sankranti

Naidu presides strategy committee meet
Poor people not able to celebrate Sankrati
Prices of essentials skyrocketing in AP
Farmers, traders, poor people in deep trouble
Current, petrol, gas, sand, cement, RTC charges very high

AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), at its strategy committee meeting presided by party National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Monday demanded that the YSRCP Government should reduce prices ahead of the Sankranti festival.

The TDP expressed concern that the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, fuel and gas were dampening the Sankranti celebrations in AP this year. The poorer sections of people were badly affected and they were not able to celebrate the festival with warmth and fervour.

The TDP leaders said the overall situation in the State was deteriorating further everyday. The farmers, traders, poor workers and all others were plunged into chaos because of the bad policies of the YSRCP Government. The TDP cadres should change gear in the New Year and undertake field level visits to highlight the anti-people decisions of the present rulers.

Some TDP leaders pointed out the prices of essentials rose steeply like never before in Andhra Pradesh. The rates of petrol, current, gas, sand, cement and RTC had also gone up excessively. CM Jagan should explain why he did not reduce the rates of essentials, petrol and gas when he had cut down cinema ticket rates. The Sankranti Kanuka given by the TDP regime was cancelled.

The strategy committee of the TDP said Anna Canteens were withdrawn arbitrarily. By betraying poor people in every scheme, the Chief Minister was causing more damage than even Coronavirus. The price of sunflower oil was Rs 171 in AP as against Rs 146 in Telangana and Rs. 167 in Karnataka. The price of wheat flour (5 kg) was Rs. 294 in AP as against Rs. 265 in Telangana and Rs. 258 in Karnataka. The prices of green gram, red gram, tamarind and groundnut were also higher in AP when compared with the neighbouring States.

Expressing concern over the farmers’ plight, the TDP leaders said AP stood in 3rd position in farmers’ suicides and in 2nd place in tenant farmers’ suicides. The situation deteriorated so much that they were advising not to cultivate paddy in a State like AP which was till now known as ‘Annapoorna’ (food giver) in the entire country. The MSP was not being given for crops.

The TDP deplored that the prices of fertilisers and diesel had gone up. A noose was fixed around the necks of farmers by fixing meters on the agriculture motors. The chilli farmers suffered heavy losses all over the State. Input subsidy and crop insurance was not being given for the losses during the heavy rains. The foodgrain farmer was suffering a loss of Rs. 700 per quintal due to low prices.

The TDP criticised the CM for adopting a lenient attitude towards the culprits who conducted recce on Vangaveeti Radha. A YSRCP ZPTC member’s son defiled the statue of NTR in Durgi in Guntur district in broad daylight. The police officials have not taken action despite the demolition of NTR, Ambedkar and other statues for the past three years.

The TDP leaders condemned what they described as ‘objectionable comments’ of YSRCP MLA Sridevi on Ambedkar. The Dalits had to come on to the roads to protect Ambedkar statue at Ramakuppam in Chittoor district. Jagananna Colonies became a huge scam. Looting was going on in cement, sand, steel, liquor, etc.

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