TDP urges Govt for free housing registrations

Poor families should not pay OTS: Atchannaidu
TDP rule will do free registrations for all
AMARAVATI: TDP State President K. Atchannaidu on Monday accused the YSRCP Government of imposing undue burden on the poor families in the name of one time settlement scheme (OTS) in order to fill the State treasury.
Atchannaidu said that the YCP regime caused a severe financial crisis that has resulted in an empty exchequer as of now. As a result, the ruling party started another ‘Jagannatakam’ to collect Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000 from poor people to do registration for their houses.
In a statement here, the TDP leader questioned the rationale behind the YCP Government offering the OTS scheme even for the poor families’ houses built between 1983 and 2011. Initially, they said this registration scheme was voluntary but now pressure was being stepped up through volunteers to mandatorily opt for OTS. The YSRCP leaders’ bankrupt policies were once again exposed in public.
Atchannaidu called it ‘atrocious’ on the part of the Jagan Reddy rule to resort to threats and force with regard to the implementation of the dubious Government schemes. In some places, the volunteers were threatening to cancel the social welfare pensions if they did not get their houses registered under OTS.
The TDP leader recalled that the Chief Minister had promised to waive upto Rs. 3 lakh of housing arrears for poor beneficiaries during the election campaign. But now, Jagan Reddy has not hesitated to break even this promise. Just for Rs. 10,000, the Government has started harassing the poor families who were already suffering a great deal due to price rise and reduced incomes.
Atchannaidu asserted that the Government had no right to cancel the social pensions once they were approved and granted for the poor beneficiaries. The courts had already given clarification on this. It was high time that the poor people should not fall in the trap of the YSRCP leaders and volunteers. The present rulers were hatching ulterior plans to refill the State treasury that was drained and emptied because of their own corruption and frauds.
The TDP leader said that there was no need for any poor beneficiary to pay any amount under OTS. The Government should get registration of their houses free of charge and without imposing the OTS scheme. If the YSRCP regime would not do this, the TDP would come to power in next elections and then it would do the registrations without any OTS collection to all poor beneficiaries.