TS gov to close private pharmacies in its hospitals

Stage set to shut down private medical shops in districts and area government hospitals as the Telangana government has decided to shut down private pharmacies in the premises of State-run hospitals.

It came to know that the owners of private medical shops have declared that they will not close the shops at any cost. They even reportedly said that they will get court stay order if needed.

Health Minister T Harish Rao ordered the officials of health and medical department to close private medical shops. Also, the officials were told to supply all types of medicines to government hospitals free of cost.

The government supplies free medicines to all its hospitals. It had allocated Rs 330 crore for the past three years and this year Rs 500 crore was allotted for the purpose.

The government permitted to run private medical shops in the premises of government hospitals in districts and areas a few years ago. In hospitals like Gandhi, Osmania, Niloufer, medicines worth lakhs of rupees will be sold per day. The owners of these hospitals are earning crores of rupees per month.

It was alleged that the doctors are prescribing medicines that are available in private pharmacies.

There are allegations that medicines are being given free for one week or ten days even though doctor prescribes to take medicines for one month. There are enough medicines in some hospitals. Hence, patients are forced to buy medicines in private shops.

A senior doctor said steps are being taken to close private pharmacies in the premises of government hospitals following the orders of Minister Harish Rao. “What is the need of private medical shops when the government is providing medicines free,” he questioned. Action will be taken on the doctors, who prescribe to purchase medicines in private shops instead of giving free medicines, he informed.

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