What Jagan achieved for AP with 23 MPs, asks TDP

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) politburo member, Mr Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao asked the Chief Minister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, and his party leaders are deliberately as to why they are instigating the people of North Andhra against the farmers from Amaravathi, who are on pada yatra with the permission from the High Court.

Are they not aware that this amounts to contempt of court, Mr Kala Venkat Rao asked while talking to media persons at the party headquarters here. He said that the Ministers like Mr Dhrmana Prasada Rao and Mr Botsa Satyanarayana besides other party leaders are stooping so low and are resorting to it to only save their posts.

“It is really atrocious that the YSRCP leaders are almost invading the farmers from Amaravathi,” Mr Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao felt. Under the direction from the Chief Minister, the ruling party leaders are cheating deep differences among the people of different regions of the State using the pada yatra as a tool, he added.

Mr Jagan Reddy could not get the Central fundsby due to the State, he said and added that the Chief Minister is unable to give a proper answer to the people on the reasons for this. Using paid artists Mr Jagan is only trying to damage the State, Mr Kala Venkat Rao said.

What did he achieve for the State, particularly to North Andhra with 23 MPs except managing the Centre with friendly ties, the TDP politburo member said and stated that the lands in Visakhapatnam are mortgaged only to raise loans. This is the poor condition of the State and the funds are not enough even to meet the salary bill of the employees, Mr Venkat Rao maintained.

The TDP leader demanded that Mr Jagan tell the people of the State on what is the fate of the Bhavanapadu Port and the Bhogapuram Green Field airport. What did the Chief Minister do for the Visakhapatnam steel plant and why is he unable to prevent the privatisation of the plant, he asked. The future of the railway zone is in a dilemma, he said and stated that the people of the State have realised the fact that there is no development at all, Mr Kala Venkat Rao stated.

He asked as to why the Ministers are not responding on the information that over one lakh acres were purchased by the YSRCP leaders in North Andhra region. Mr Jagan should answer the people on all these issues, Mr Kala Venkat Rao added.