YCP harassing Govt employees: TDP

Take back notices given to panchayat secretaries: Ashok
Govt staff not to blame for Amul Dairy failures
AMARAVATI: TDP MLC Paruchuri Ashok Babu on Friday slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy Government for ‘suppressing and harassing’ the Government employees and their associations by forcing them to surrender to its hidden and unlawful agenda.
Ashok Babu demanded that the Government immediately withdraw its show cause notices given to several panchayat secretaries on the issue of milk procurement of the Amul Dairy company. It was nothing but a peak level harassment by the Government to give notice to the panchayat secretaries when the dairy farmers were not selling their milk to Amul dairy centres.
In a statement here, the TDP MLC said that the ruling YSRCP should do some soul searching as to why the farmers were unwilling to patronise Amul. How can the panchayat secretaries be blamed when Amul centres were not getting expected quantities of milk? The Government employees cannot be held responsible for failure of Amul Dairy to meet its procurement targets.
Ashok Babu pointed out that there were lots of complaints about non-payment of bills towards the procured milk for months together. The Jagan Reddy regime should realise at least now that it would not be able to use force against the dairy farmers. The people have seen through the ulterior motives of the ruling party. The Government employees should not be harassed for the sake of getting commissions from Amul.
The TDP MLC asked whether the Government had any idea about the duties and service conditions of the panchayat secretaries. It would be better if show cause notices would be given to the Chief Minister and his Ministers for not coming to the Secretariat to perform their duties properly. The Government employees were being held responsible for the thoughtless policies of the present rulers. It was shameful to blame the employees for the inefficiency of the Government.
Condemning the ‘vindictive policies’ of the Jagan regime, Ashok Babu recalled that the panchayat secretaries had risked their lives to save people even during the height of Coronavirus pandemic. Instead of honouring them, the Government was giving notices on flimsy and untenable grounds. The show cause notices incident has exposed how much the Government has been harassing its own employees without any justification.
The TDP MLC asserted that the Government had no right to give notices to the employees when it had no capacity or efficiency to pay their salaries in time. One employees’ association just narrated the woes of its members on October 7. Now, the bigwigs in the Government were making threatening telephone calls to them. The Government was suppressing the employees under its iron legs. The ruling party should correct its mistakes and ensure justice to the panchayat secretaries.
Ashok Babu said no section of society was happy with the unjust policies of the Jaganmohan Reddy rule. Despite criticism and opposition, the Chief Minister was continuing his oppressive policies in total disregard for the well being and development of the people.