You are the one who is in collusion with KVP

You are the one who pledged Telangana’s self-respect to Andhras
You are not even equal to the slipper of my left foot
TPCC President Revanth Reddy

TPCC President Revanth Reddy lashed out at KTR saying “It is you who appointed some officers as recommended by KVP. You are in collusion with KVP and you accuse me that KVP is behind me? You have pledged the self-respect of Telangana to the Andhras and now you dare to criticize me? ” He criticized that KTR and his father are not even equal to the slipper of his left foot. Revanth Reddy addressed the Warangal parliament review meeting held in Hanmakonda in the context of the Vijaya Bheri Sabha at Tukkuguda Rajiv Gandhi Premises to be held on Wednesday, the 17th of this month.

Revanth Reddy said “You are the people who are in collusion with the supporters of United Andhra.” The Stupa of the Martyrs broke into cracks even before a hundred days of its inauguration. How can the people, who gave the contract of Marty’s Stupa to the Andhra people, doubt my integrity? These father and son duo have made Telangana as the source of their income. They are looting the wealth of Telangana. KCR and KTR are the traitors who removed even the name of “Telangana” from the party. Revanth Reddy declared that former Governor Narasimhan is a living proof that he fought for Telangana.

Modi and KCR conspire to prevent the Vijayabheri meeting from happening
Revanth Reddy criticized that the same KCR, who said that Telangana was realized because of Sonia Gandhi, is now conspiring to prevent the Congress meeting from happening. He said that Sonia Gandhi established the state of Telangana because she recognized the pain of the mothers of the martyrs. While such a person, Sonia Gandhi is coming to the state of Telangana along with her family, the chief minister of the state is colluding and conspiring with Modi. Kishan Reddy who said that the celebration would be held in Warangal on September 17, instead shifted the same to Hyderabad by denying the parade ground for the Congress meeting. This is a conspiracy by the central government.

Revanth Reddy commented that the state government denied permission even for the Gachibowli stadium on a small pretext. When asked for a place for a public meeting in Tukkuguda, they refused saying that it belongs to endowment lands. Aren’t meetings held at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi? Revanth Reddy questioned. Revanth accused KCR that since KCR is a Telangana traitor, he is trying to prevent the Sonia sabha. But the farmers of Tukkuguda came forward and gave 200 acres of land to Soniyamma, who gave the state of Telangana.

Revanth Reddy called for a massive gathering from Warangal for the sabha of Soniyamma, who gave the state of Telangana. He said Orugallu has played a key role in the achievement of Telangana state. Revanth called upon the leaders and the party cadre to make Soniyamma sabha a grand success by flooding in lakhs as Soniyamma is coming to the land of Telangana to confront the Rakshasa KCR and Brahma Rakshasa Modi.

Admissions for TRS supporters in Ph.D. admissions at Kakatiya University
TPCC president Revanth Reddy alleged that Ph.D. admissions were given to those who are ineligible and to those who are supporters of the TRS instead of the talented. On Wednesday, Revanth Reddy visited the students who were doing Deeksha to protest against irregularities in PhD admissions, at Kakatiya University.

He criticized that When the students brought the issue that injustice is being done to the merit students to the notice of the VC, the VC instead of doing the justice, made the students bet by the police. Revanth Reddy demanded the immediate dismissal of VC.

He said that if the VC had responded, today the situation of student protest would not have arisen. Does KCR wish to eliminate the universities as students are treated like street thugs and beaten? He accused Palla Rajeshwar Reddy of the irregularities in the university. He is conspiring to shut down the KU to favor his own university. The one who has become the servant of Palla Rajeshwar Reddy has been appointed as VC of KU. Revanth Reddy asked that the KU registrar in the state which was achieved through struggle is from which place?

Revanth Reddy commented “My direct question to KCR-Is this why fought and brought Telangana? He demanded that action should be taken against those who attacked the students and an inquiry should be ordered against the VC. KCR needs to understand the seriousness of the problem. KCR appointed a person from another area as Warangal Police Commissioner. Departmental action should be taken against the policemen who attacked the students. Revanth Reddy warned that Congress will not tolerate those who act as private employees of KCR. He said that extending holidays and closing mess is not the solution to the problem. Revanth Reddy said that along with OU, KU also played a vital role in the Telangana movement.

In the first and last stages of the movement, the university students fought from the front. He said that as a result of the students’ struggles, KCR and his family members reached their positions. He gave a call to the students that they should not be impatient and Congress will stand by them. The Congress government will come in 100 days and immediately after coming to power, will order an inquiry into the irregularities in the university. Necessary action will be taken against the police officers who tortured the students. Revanth Reddy assured that the Congress leaders will stand by the students. Later, Revanth Reddy gave lemon juice to the students to make them end their fasting

KCR should be made jobless
TPCC President Revanth Reddy addressed the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Employees Association in Warangal on Wednesday expressing solidarity with them and commented that KCR should be made jobless to safeguard their jobs. He reminded that it was the Congress party that had appointed Samagra Shiksha employees through the Rajiv Gandhi Vidya Mission. He criticized that this government is least bothered when you are even fighting against your problems. This is not an intractable problem. KCR’s idea is to privatize education. That is why he is disempowering the public education. He criticized the government for not implementing the Right to Education Act. He said that your problem will be solved only if KCR is ousted. Revanth Reddy assured that the problems of your employees will be solved as soon as the Congress comes to power.

“Is it your ignorance of history.” – Revanth’s satirical mark on KTR
TPCC President Revanth Reddy lashed out at Minister KTR on the Twitter(X) platform. He criticized KTR whether the words he repeatedly speaking about the formation of the Telangana state are due to his ignorance of history or the play of his opportunistic politics. He referred to KTR as Drama Rao and said that he should listen to the words of his party president about the historical fact that should be written in golden letters by attaching the video of KCR speaking in the assembly saying that Telangana state was manifested only with the initiative of Sonia Gandhi.