YSRCP: CM Jagan’s Governing Success As AP’s Poverty Rate Drops to 6% from 11%

Minister Adimulapu Suresh: CM Jagan has spearheaded transformative changes in the health sector, providing medical assistance up to Rs 25 lakh through the Aarogya Sri scheme for the benefit of the poor

With YSRCP continuing to garner significant support from people through its ongoing public outreach programmes in the state, the party today successfully organised the Samajika Sadhikara bus yatra in Gopalapuram (North Zone), Nandigama (Central Zone), and Kurnool (South Zone) constituencies drawing massive crowds. The events highlighted CM Jagan’s achievements in the social welfare of people and the developmental strides made by Andhra Pradesh in the last four-and-a-half years.

Senior party leaders including Deputy Chief Ministers K Narayana Swamy, SB Amzath Basha, Ministers Merugu Nagarjuna, Jogi Ramesh, Adimulapu Suresh, Gummanur Jayaram, and others participated in the bus yatra emphasising the ruling party’s commitment to the upliftment and empowerment of the marginalised communities.

North Zone

Minister Karumuri Nageswara Rao highlighted the steps taken by CM Jagan to improve the livelihood of the people. He said, “Under CM Jagan’s leadership, the poverty rate in AP has decreased from 11% to 6%. Additionally, the government has spent Rs 65,000 crore to ensure access to education for all underprivileged children.”

Castigating the Opposition for peddling false narrative, the Minister said, “While CM Jagan has been working diligently for securing a brighter future for the children, opposition TDP and Yellow Media are spitting venom undermining the government’s efforts.”

Commending CM Jagan for his efforts to reform the education sector, Home Minister Taneti Vanita expressed, “CM Jagan’s introduction of the Amma Vodi scheme has effectively addressed school dropouts. Concurrently, the government is also distributing smart tablets to students in government schools, aiming to enhance their knowledge.”

Central Zone

During a public meeting in Nandigama, Nandigama MLA Mondithoka Jagan Mohan Rao highlighted a significant achievement of the YSRCP government. He stated, “In the last 4.5 years, the YSRCP government has allocated nearly Rs 5 lakh crore, which constitutes 50% of the state budget, directly to the poor. This makes Andhra Pradesh the first state in the country to implement such a large-scale welfare initiative.”

Hailing CM Jagan for prioritising human development alongside poverty alleviation, Jagan Mohan Rao stated, “The transformative changes in the education and health sectors, initiated by CM Jagan’s government, along with the provision of permanent houses for all homeless individuals, have significantly reduced poverty and enhanced the living standards of the poor over the last four-and-a-half years.”

Deputy Chief Minister Amzath Basha underscored, “During the YSRCP’s tenure, CM Jagan has allocated Rs. 23,175 crore for the upliftment of Muslim communities in the state. This is a substantial increase compared to the Rs. 2,650 crore spent during the previous tenure of Chandrababu.”

South Zone

Minister Adimulapu Suresh highlighted, “Thanks to CM Jagan’s initiatives, poverty is no longer a barrier to higher education for our children. Whether pursuing advanced studies or learning in English medium, this marks a significant step forward in educational empowerment.”

He further added, “In the health sector, CM Jagan has spearheaded transformative changes, providing medical assistance up to Rs 25 lakhs through the Aarogya Shri scheme for the benefit of the economically disadvantaged.”

MLA Hafeez Khan emphasized, “CM Jagan has disbursed Rs. 2.36 lakh crore through direct benefit transfer (DBT) under various welfare schemes, substantially improving the economic status of the poor beneficiaries.”

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