Yuvagalam reflected the hopes and aspirations of 5 crore people!

Yuvagalam Padayatra covered 3132 km in 226 days

Yuvagalam reflected the hopes and aspirations of 5 crore people! TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh, recognizing the challenges faced by people in Jagan Reddy’s administration, decided to engage with the public and understand their problems at the ground level, reaching out to crores of people. Finally, The Yuvagalam Padayatra covered 3132 km in 226 days.

The YuvagalamJaitrayatra undertaken by the young leader to reassure the people who have become victims of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s corruption and anarchy has been completed. The Yuvagalam Padayatra, which started from Kuppam on 27th January this year, reflecte• On 206th day (6-9-2023) in Vempa village of Bhimavaram Assembly Constituency, Lokesh unveiled a plaque on the occasion of reaching the milestone of 2800 kms.

On this occasion, he assured that the unit will be provided at Rs.1.50 paise irrespective of the zones to benefit the aquarists. He said that this will benefit 18 lakh people who depend on the Aqua sector.ees that played a vital role in the success of  Padayatrad the hopes and aspirations of 5 crore people and moved forward with the goal of public awareness. The Yuvagalam Padayatra covered 3132 km for 226 days across 97 assembly constituencies, 232 mandals/municipalities, and 2,028 villages in 11 joint districts of the state.

The youth who are suffering from despair and depression in their jobs, the women living in fear of not having a guarantee that they will return safely if they go out from home, and the common people who have become a burden to live with – the Yuvagalam Padayatra went on listening to the hardships of the people, wiping their tears, and giving them support, proving to be a complete success in public consciousness.

The Yuvagalam Padayatra went on without any break except in unavoidable circumstances like the arrest of TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and the death of Tarakaratna. Even in the 48-degree heat in Rayalaseema, Nara Lokesh did not stop the yatra. The Yatra continued even in heavy rains in the Yemmiganur constituency. When the padayatra reached Nandyala, the young leader did not rest, despite doctors’ advice, when he was suffering from arm pain due to the collision of fans. No matter how many obstacles he faced, Lokesh, a young leader, marched towards the goal with steely determination.

Nara Lokesh participated in 70 public meetings, 155 face-to-face meetings, 12 special programs, and 8 Rachabanda programs to learn about public issues in the Yuvagalam Padayatra. He also received 4,353 written petitions from the public, and lakhs of people directly met the young leader and shared their problems. Nearly, 1.5 crore people connected with the Nara Lokesh during the 226-day-long padayatra. The Padayatra was successful beyond expectations in gaining public awareness.

Joint District-Wise Yuvagalam Padayatra Details:

  1. Chittoor – 14 constituencies – 45 days – 577 km
  2. Anantapuram – 9 constituencies – 23 days – 303 km
  3. Kurnool – 14 constituencies – 40 days – 507 km
  4. Kadapa – 7 constituencies – 16 days – 200 km
  5. Nellore – 10 constituencies – 31 days – 459 km
  6. Prakash – 8 constituencies – 17 days – 220 km
  7. Guntur – 7 constituencies – 16 days – 236 km
  8. Krishna District – 6 constituencies – 8 days – 113 km
  9. West Godavari – 8 constituencies – 11 days – 225.5 km
  10. East Godavari – 9 constituencies – 12 days – 178.5 km
  11. Visakhapatnam district – 5 constituencies – 7 days – 113 km

Total – 97 constituencies – 226 days – 3132 km

Attempts to suppress the voice of the Yuvagalam!
The ruling party YSRCP tried to stop the yatra and faced many challenges, but finally, the yatra was successful. With the unexpected response of the people to the Yuvagalam padayatra, the YSRCP leaders started to tremble. In Bhimavaram, Unguthuru, Gannavaram, and Nuzvid constituencies, the YSRCP gunmen and the police together made false cases against the TDP soldiers. 40 Yuvagalam volunteers were sent to Rajahmundry Jail on non-bailable cases. False cases against 46 key leaders, including those from abroad, in the Gannavaram constituency reflect the fear in the ruling party. In the joint Chittoor district, everything from Nara Lokesh’s campaign vehicle to his microphone was seized by the police. Young leader Lokesh did not look back and went forward with double enthusiasm, hearing the voices of crores of people.

A total of 25 police cases have been registered at the rate of one for every 20 kilometers in the joint Chittoor district from the start of the Yuvagalam padayatra in Kuppam constituency. Out of this, 3 cases have been registered against Nara Lokesh. The police seized everything, including the campaign chariot, sound system, microphone, and stool. No matter how much harassment, no matter how many false cases are filed, the youth under the leadership of Nara Lokesh move forward with persistence. It has become a habit of the YSRCP batch to tear the wall posters and hoardings set up in the villages to welcome Nara Lokesh, pelt stones, and run away.

Even if obstacles are created, he stepped forward
The way Lokesh has moved forward has filled the TDP cadre with new enthusiasm. In a city like Vijayawada, which is called Chaitanya, the fact that people voluntarily come to the roads and wait till 3.30 in the morning is a reflection of the love and trust in the young leader Lokesh.

Yuvagalam created a record in Rayalaseema
Nara Lokesh created a record by walking a long distance in Rayalaseema like no other leader had done before. The Yuvagalam Padayatra continued for 124 days across 44 assembly constituencies covering a distance of 1587 km. The unprecedented response received by the Yuvagalam in Rayalaseema has left the ruling party leaders reeling.

Huge Response from Uttarandhra People
As the elections approached, Nara Lokesh had to conclude his Yuvagalam Padayatra at Aganampudi in the Visakha district due to unavoidable circumstances. Despite the journey lasting only 7 days and covering 113 km in the Visakha district, people enthusiastically supported the young leader at every step. The Yuvagalam Padayatra included visits to Payakaraopeta, Elamanchili, Anakapalli, Pendurthi, and Gajuwaka constituencies. Lakhs of people, fans, women, and TDP-Janasena workers, all showed immense support for the young leader. Lokesh engaged in face-to-face meetings with various groups such as women, BCs, retired employees, fishermen, Yadavs, Agrigold victims, and Meeseva employees, understanding their issues in depth and providing assurances.

Jai TDP Chants in Both Godavari Districts
The 23-day-long Yuvagalam Padayatra in the 17 constituencies of Ubhaya Godavari districts drew massive crowds. Covering a total of 404 km, including 8 constituencies over 11 days and 225.5 km in the combined West Godavari district, and 9 constituencies over 12 days and 178.5 km in the combined East Godavari district, people from all walks of life, rural and urban, warmly greeted the young leader. Enthusiastic participation was observed in Rajolu, P. Gannavaram, Amalapuram, Mummidivaram, Kakinada Rural, Kakinada City, Peddapuram, Pithapuram, and Tuni constituencies.

Making an Impact with Sharp Speeches
Nara Lokesh organised public meetings in the assembly constituencies along the padayatra, leaving a lasting impact on opponents with his powerful speeches. Out of the 97 assembly constituencies covered in the Yuvagalam Padayatra so far, Lokesh addressed public meetings in 70 places. The ruling party’s leaders faced challenges due to the four years of Jaganmohan Reddy’s rule, the failures, exploitative policies, and exposure of corruption by MLAs in every public meeting. Despite counterattacks with personal insults, people were impressed with the Telugu Desam Party’s promise of change and expressed support for the party’s candidates in the upcoming elections.

Ruling Party Challenged by Selfie Campaign
During the Yuvagalam Padayatra, Nara Lokesh highlighted the success stories of TDP-era projects, presenting a selfie challenge that pointed out the failures of the YSRCP government. The ruling party faced discomfort as development works during the TDP regime were contrasted with the perceived corruption under the YSRCP regime through selfies. Legislators from the ruling party worried about potential exposures during the padayatra.

Unpredictable response to “Selfie with Lokesh” Program
The “Selfie with Lokesh” program, where activists and fans took pictures with Nara Lokesh daily, received an incredible response. Over the 226-day walk, Nara Lokesh took pictures with more than 3.5 lakh fans, with 2,500 people taking a selfie with him in a single day in Nellore. Despite a wing injury during a yatra in Nandyal constituency, Lokesh continued the program, and alternative arrangements were made to scan and share photos through face recognition technology, ensuring no disappointment for the fans.

Addressing critical issues through Letters
Nara Lokesh responded promptly to critical issues during the padayatra, writing over 600 letters to authorities. These letters covered not only community issues but also personal petitions related to pensions, houses, education, and medical concerns. While some problems were resolved by the administration, issues related to political pressure received no response.

Stood for people when they needed help
During the padayatra, lakhs of people met the young leader Lokesh and expressed their problems to the youth leader. When some of them were in tears due to serious financial problems, Lokesh comforted them and stood by them. Depending on the severity of the problem, he helped them with personal funds in each district. After taking the details of the concerned victims, they were given courage by speaking through the assistants until they were helped.

  • Takes responsibility for the education of both children: Nara Lokesh held an interaction with handloom weavers at Dharmavaram on 2nd April. On this occasion, Ramulamma, a woman belonging to the handloom community, burst into tears as her husband committed suicide due to debt. Lokesh, who was shocked by this, promised that he would take the responsibility of her two children’s education.
  • Lakh given as immediate aid to Dalit farmer Rangamma : April – 30 – On April 28, a Dalit woman farmer Rangamma vented her grief in a face-to-face meeting with farmers in Yemmiganur constituency, Kurnool district. Nara Lokesh announced a help of Rs 1 lakh to Rangamma when she was told that her husband had committed suicide after borrowing Rs 30 lakh for cultivating 12 acres on lease. That aid was given to Rangammaon the 30th at Yemmiganur. He promised to provide financial assistance of Rs.10 lakhs after coming to power.
  • 28.02.2023: Rs. 5 lakh aid to Munirajamma: In Srikalahasti Constituency, Rajaka woman Munirajappa told her hardships to the young leader. Unable to bear this, the YSRCP leaders destroyed the tiffin hut and threatened her. Her husband was terminated from his job as a security guard in the temple. N Chandrababu Naidu announced a financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh to set up a new shop for Munirajamma. She said that her husband will be given a job when the party comes to power.
  • On 24-2-2023 New auto presented by Lokesh: TDP women leaders went to Roja’s house in an auto to give sarees and bangles. In this case, apart from arresting the women leaders, the auto in which they were travelling was seized by the police. Hamid Basha expressed his sorrow that his family’s survival depends on this auto. According to his word that he will buy a new auto, Nara Lokesh gave the new auto to Hamid Basha on February 24.
  • On 16.05.2023, Sheikh Hussain, a Muslim woman from Parnapalle, Bandi Atmakuru mandal, requested for financial assistance to go on Hajj and was given Rs. 1.5 lakh.
  • 16.06.2023: In Potti Sriramulu Nellore District, Atmakuru Constituency, Ananthasagaram Mandal, Minagallu Village, a Senior TDP activist Chittiboe Pedda Vengaiyani was brutally killed by YSRCP leaders. Telugudesam has taken the responsibility of supporting the family. Nara Lokesh handed over Rs. 5 lakh financial assistance to the wife of the deceased, Dhana Lakshmamma, in an open meeting held at Ananthasagaram on Friday as part of the Yuvagalam Padayatra.
  • 20.06.2023: In Prakash Nagar, Kurnool, Ramu of 49th Ward gave harati to Lokesh who came to their area along with his family. The YSRCP corporator Krishna Kant, who was hurt with this, mercilessly demolished the vegetable shop where Ramu was employed for 40 years. Lokesh, who learned the information during the walk and announced help as an investment to build a vegetable shop, buy vegetables and do business.
  • Establishment of water plant in Akilavalasa (19.06.2023): When the villagers brought it to the attention of Lokash that they were having trouble with drinking water in the village, the promised to set up a water plant in the village through NTR Trust. He assured that until the government comes, they will provide water through the water plant set up by the NTR Trust, and once the government comes, they will provide a permanent solution.
  • Lokesh assured the family of the deceased activist (27.06.2023): Family members of Venkataramana, an activist who died in a road accident recently in Chittamuru, Guduru constituency, met young leader Nara Lokesh. Nagamani, the wife of the deceased, expressed her grief that her situation has become unbearable after losing the eldest member of the family. Taking their two children near and consoling them, Nara Lokesh assured them that they would be supported from the workers’ welfare fund and to be brave.
  • I will take the responsibility of educating the children (03.07.2023): Son-in-law brutally murdered the daughter of Ventakalakshmamma of Guduru Constituency Chennuru. As a result, three children became orphans. Saying that she does not have the means to educate her three grandchildren, Nara Lokesh assured that TDP will take responsibility for their education
  • Gift of tricycle to a disabled person (13.07.2023): On the occasion of Lokesh’s visit to Yuvagalam padayatra in Vanjivaka village, Kota Mandal, Guduru Constituency, Nellore District, a disabled person named Salavadi Srinivasulu met Lokesh saying that his financial condition was not good and he was having difficulty in going anywhere, so he asked him to give him a tricycle. Responding to this, Lokesh said that he is responsible for providing the tricycle. As promised, the tricycle was sent to his home on 13.07.2023
  • Lokesh reacts after hearing the grievance of a student (28.11.2023): After hearing the grievance of a student, TDP youth leader Nara Lokesh assured that he will take the responsibility of educating that younger brother. The young leader who held face-to-face interviews with the youth in Bhatnavilli of Amalapuram constituency learned about their pros and cons
  • Financial assistance of Rs.2 lakhs to the parents who have lost their child(12.12.2023): Sai, son of Peddalakshmi of Tamaram village, Anakapalli district, Narsipatnam constituency, died when his son was hit by a tractor which is used for illegal sand mining of YSRCP leaders. This stopped their daughter’s marriage. Young leader Nara Lokesh provided Rs. 2 lakhs to support that family.
  • Tricycle scooter for disabled women (12.12.2023): During an interview with women in Payakaraopeta constituency…ChavakulaVenkatalakshmi, a disabled woman from Bangarupet, who is suffering from polio, was promised to provide a tricycle scooty to Venkatalakshmi, who is crippled since birth and has trouble going anywhere.

Impressive special events
On the occasion of Yuvagalam, the special programs organised in each district are getting success. Young leader Lokesh participated in special programs at 3 places in Guntur district unlike any other district so far. A total of 12 special programs organized so far have received massive response from people. In the special meetings held with the youth, women, BCs, SCs and farmers, the TDP-Janasena government has clearly told them what they are going to do after coming to power.

  1. Recently on the 216th day of Yuvagalam padayatra (3-12-2023) a special program in the name of Dalit Galam with the SC community members at Ponnada Seelamwaripakalu of Pitapuram Assembly Constituency U. Kottapalli mandal received an unexpected response from the Dalits. In the coming elections, within a hundred days of the TDP-Janasena government coming to power, we will restore 27 SC welfare schemes stopped by the Jagan government, we will establish degree gurukula schools for SC students along with foreign education, best available, PG fee reimbursement programs. He said that the sub plan funds will be spent for the welfare of SCs and STs as per law without any diversions.
  2. In Tirupati on 2-2-2023, a large number of young people came from all over the district for the Hello Lokesh program organized with the youth. He said that he started Yuvagalam for the future of youth. The young leader expressed the policy of the Telugu Desam Party in the matter of youth.
  3. A large number of farmers came to the Rythannatho Lokesh program organized on 8-4-2023 in Singanamala, Anantapur district and expressed their views to the youth leader. He said that after TDP comes to power, Polavaram will be completed and Godavari surplus water will be brought to Rayalaseema, and pending projects will be completed and Rayalaseema will be greened. Lokesh said that his trip was successful only when he saw the happiness of the farmers.
  4. On the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day on 24-4-2023 at Tumbalam Cross, Adoni Constituency, Kurnool District, Sarpanchs from all over the state came to a program organized in the name of Mee Lokesh for rural progress. When TDP comes to power, panchayats will be given funds and functions, water grid will be provided in villages 24/7 safe drinking water, sarpanches will be given honorarium.He said that the secretariat system will be linked to the panchayats.
  5. On 7-5-2023 in Kurnool, Muslim brothers from all over the state came to Lokesh to Guftagu program organized with Muslim minorities and told about the hardships they are going through after the YSP government came. Attacks on minorities have increased due to Jagan’s government’s incompetence and assured that Muslims will be protected after coming to power. He said that an Urdu University would be established in Kurnool and judicial powers would be given to the Waqf Board to protect the properties of minorities.
  6. Last in Rayalaseema on 7-6-2023 at Kadapa in the name of Mission Rayalaseema, the young leader realized the policy of TDP in the development of Rayalaseema.
  7. The face-to-face program with women titled “Mahashakti Lokesh” on 3-7-2023 at Anil Gardens, Nellore received an incredible response. Women from all over the district attended this program in large numbers. The youth leader announced that women will be made to fear if they look at them with a crooked eye, that the humiliation of his mother will not happen to another sister, and that the Nirbhaya Act will be strictly enforced and protected.
  8. Jayaho BC conference organized on 27-7-2023 in front of Ongole Ravipriya function was attended by BCs from all over the state in large numbers. In this conference, the grief expressed by many BC women who were victims of the YCP regime brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The entire society lives in terror under the rule of the psycho. Within 100 days of the TDP coming to power, we will implement the BC Protection Act. The young leader assured that those who harassed the BCs with the power of religion will be hunted down on the roads and put behind bars.
  9. On 10-8-2023 YCP met with the victims in Pedakurapadu Constituency Dodleru and reassured them. Hundreds of victims from all over the district attended this meeting and shared their hardships with the youth leader. No activist should be afraid of cases. Once we come to power, we will lift all the false cases against the Telugu Desam Party cadre. Be brave yellow soldiers…  Lokesh has said courage that I will stand by you and keep you in my heart.
  10. 10. A large number of farmers from the villages of the capital attended the program organized on 13-8-2023 in Ravela of Tadikonda Constituency in the name of Amaravati Avedana. Within three years of coming to power, we will undertake the construction of Amaravati as per the master plan, and we will pay all the rent arrears due to the farmers. Decentralisation of development is our motto, we will do it and show it. We will not spare anyone who harassed the farmers of Amaravati. We will conduct a judicial inquiry against them and remove them from their jobs, if necessary we will also send them behind bars. TDP stands by the farmers of Amaravati. Lokesh said that TDP will take the responsibility of completing the stalled works and fill the farmers of Amaravati with confidence.
  11. On 16-8-2023, a program organized with the youth of Yarrabalem, Mangalagiri constituency, called Hello Lokesh, was attended by a large number of young people from all over the district and cleared their doubts about the future. The youth leader said that after Chandrababu Naidu becomes the Chief Minister again, investments will come like a flood to the state and IT industries will be brought to Visakha within the first hundred days. He said that they have a brand called Chandrababu to attract industries to the state.
  12. On 31-8-2023 on the occasion of the 200th day of the Yuvagalam Padayatra, young leader Lokesh held a special meeting with the villagers in Koyyalagudem of Polavaram Constituency. Youth leader Nara Lokesh stated that in the first three years of the Telugu Desam Party coming to power in the state, they will provide safe drinking water to every tribal and provide roads and other infrastructure. He said that special concessions will be given and food processing industries will be established in tribal areas to improve employment opportunities.

A promise for every hundred kilometres!
During Yuvagalam Padayatra, youth leader Nara Lokesh initiated a new tradition. Unveiling a stone plaque every hundred kilometres.. They announced that they will undertake a development program after coming to power. Nara Lokesh, a bold leader who says that if they fail to fulfil their promises after coming to power, they can be deposed.

Combined Chittoor District

  • The Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the 100 km milestone on the 8th day (3-2-2023) at Bangurapalayam, Puthalapattu Constituency. On this occasion, a plaque was unveiled for setting up a dialysis centre for kidney disease patients at Bangurapalayam.
  • On the 16th day (11-2-2023) on the occasion of reaching 200 kilometres in Katterapalli of GD Nellore Constituency, a stone plaque was unveiled announcing that a women’s degree college would be established in GD Nellore within one hundred days of coming to power.
  • On the 23rd day (21-2-2023) at Thondamanupuram of Srikalahasti Constituency, when the Yatra reached 300 kilometres, a stone plaque was unveiled announcing that a protected freshwater scheme to provide drinking water to 13 villages would be undertaken within a hundred days of coming to power.
  • On the occasion of reaching 400 km on the 31st day (1-3-2023) of the Yuvagalam Padayatra, a stone plaque was laid to set up a 10-bed primary health centre with modern facilities at Narendrakunta Pakala Mandal, Chandragiri Constituency. He announced that a PHC will be set up in Narendrakunta within 100 days after the Telugu Desam government came to power.
  • On the 39th day (9-3-2023) at Chinatippasamudra, a suburb of Madanapally, on the occasion of reaching the 500th day of the padayatra, it was announced that a tomato processing unit and cold storage would be set up in Madanapally.

Combined Anantapur District

  • On 47th day (19-3-2023), the Padayatra reached 600 km at Chinnayagaripalli, Kadiri Constituency. On arrival, it was announced that a temple tourism circuit would be set up in that area.
  • On the 55th day (30-3-2023) at Guttur of Penukonda Constituency, on the occasion of reaching the milestone of 700 kilometres, a stone plaque was unveiled that a lift scheme will be constructed Handriva canal to permanently solve the problem of drinking and irrigation water in Gorantla and Madakasira areas.
  • On the 63rd day (7-4-2023) of the Yuvagalam Padayatra, on the occasion of reaching the 800 km milestone, the young leader unveiled a plaque at the Chinese processing unit at Martadu, Garladinne Mandal, Singanamala Constituency.

Combined Kurnool District

  • Yuvagalam Padayatra has reached the 900 km mark on the 70th day (14-4-2023) in Papili, Don Constituency, Nandyal District. On this occasion, a stone plaque was unveiled for the construction of Gundala project to provide drinking water and irrigation to the people of Aluru, Pathikonda, Don, Banaganapalle constituencies.
  • On 77th Day (21-4-2023), the Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the historic 1000 km at Adoni Siriguppa Cross. On this occasion, they decided to adopt Adoni Town Ward 21. As soon as the TDP came to power, they unveiled a plaque promising to provide drinking water, drainage, toilets and other infrastructure in the 21st ward.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached 1100 km on 86th day (1-5-2023) in Gonegadla of Yemmiganur Constituency. On this occasion, a plaque was unveiled promising to set up a textile park that would provide employment to 10,000 people in Yemmiganur constituency.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the 1200 km milestone at Allur, Nandikotkur Constituency on the 95th day (10-5-2023). On this occasion, a stone plaque was unveiled promising the project of raising locusts from Handriniva. Through this lifting scheme, water will reach Miduthuru, Kalamandalapadu, Madigundam and Paramanchala ponds. Thus, 22 thousand acres will be irrigated, 60 thousand people will get irrigation water in Miduturu and Jupadubangla mandals.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra on 103rd Day (18-5-2023) reached 1300 km. On the occasion of reaching the milestone, a plaque was unveiled at Nandyala Yatam function hall. After the TDP came to power in Nandyal Rural Kanala, they promised to set up a yellow market and cold storage.

Combined Kadapa District

  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached 1400 km on 109th Day (24-5-2023) at Nemaladinne, Peddamudiyam Mandal, Jammalamadugu Constituency. On this occasion, Lokesh unveiled a stone plaque for the establishment of small-scale industries that provide employment to the residents of Gandikota. He said that after coming to power, he will provide employment to the farmers and youth here by setting up industries.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached 1500 KM on 117th Day (5-6-2023) at Alamkhan Village, Kadapa Assembly Constituency. On this occasion, youth leader Lokesh unveiled a plaque for the construction of a better drainage system for the city of Kadapa. He said that through this the sewage in Kadapa city will be saved.

Combined Nellore District

  • On the 126th day (14-6-2023), Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the 1600 km milestone at Chunchulur in Atmakur Assembly Constituency of Nellore District. On this occasion Lokesh unveiled a plaque for the establishment of Horticulture Cooperative Society in Chunchulur. This will benefit the horticultural farmers in every way.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra covered 1700 km in Dakkili, Venkatagiri Constituency, Tirupati District on 132nd Day (20-6-2023). On this occasion, a plaque was unveiled promising the establishment of Apco Handloom Factory at Dakkili. This will provide better employment opportunities to the handloom weavers of this region.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached Guduru Constituency on 138th Day (26-6-2023) covering 1800 km at Aravapalem. On this occasion, Lokesh unveiled a plaque promising to provide subsidies and incentives to aquarists in the region after coming to power. He said that the incentives that we are going to provide to the aquatic industry, which has stagnated under the YCP regime, will give a boost.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached 1900 km on 147th day (5-7-2023) in Saluchinthal of Kovuru Constituency. On this occasion, after coming to power, he promised to build platforms for drying the grain grown by the farmers in Kovuru constituency and unveiled the plaque. Due to this, the quality of the grain grown by the rice farmers of this region will improve and it will be possible to sell it at a good price in the market.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached a historic milestone of 2000 km at Kavali Assembly Constituency Kothapalli on 153rd day (11-7-2023). On this occasion, a plaque was unveiled assuring the establishment of a fisheries development board to help aquarists in Kothapalli.

Combined Prakasam District

  • Yuvagalam Padayatra has reached a milestone of 2100 KM on 159th day (19-7-2023) at Azis Puram of Kanigiri Assembly Constituency. On this occasion, a stone plaque was unveiled promising to construct a summer storage tank at Aziz Puram and provide safe drinking water through taps to every house.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra has reached a milestone of 2200 km.on 168th day (28-7-2023) at Trovagunta, Ongole Constituency. On this occasion, a plaque was unveiled promising the establishment of an underground drainage system in Ongole.

Combined Guntur District

  • Yuvagalam Padayatra has reached a milestone of 2300 km at Kondramutla, Vinukonda Constituency at 174th day (3-8-2023). On this occasion, youth leader Lokesh unveiled a plaque promising the Varikapudishela project. Through this lifting scheme, 1.30 lakh acres will be irrigated and the Palnadu area will become green. There will be a permanent solution to the problem of people’s cultivation and drinking water in Bollapally Mandal.
  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the milestone of 2400 km in Dodleru of Pedakurapadu Constituency on 180th day (10-8-2023). On this occasion, Nara Lokesh unveiled a plaque to provide a permanent solution to the problem of cultivation and drinking water in Pedakurapadu constituency for the upliftment scheme.

Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the 2500 km milestone in Undavalli, Mangalagiri Constituency on 188th day (19-8-2023). On this occasion, he unveiled a plaque promising to build 20 thousand houses for the poor living in Mangalagiri constituency. He promised to regularise the houses of the poor living in assigned and other government lands and provide them with land.

Combined Krishna District

  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the 2600 km milestone at Simhadripuram village of Nuzvid Constituency on 195th day (26-8-2023). On this occasion, Nara Lokesh unveiled a plaque promising the completion of Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme. He promised to complete this within two years of coming to power and irrigate the plateau areas of the combined Krishna and West Godavari districts.

Combined West Godavari District

  • The Yuvagalam Padayatra, which was started with the aim of raising public awareness, reached a milestone of 2700 kms on the 200th day (31-8-2023) at Sitampet, Polavaram Constituency, by raising awareness against psycho-rule in the state. On this occasion, Nara Lokesh unveiled a plaque promising to remove false cases against people of different communities within a year of coming to power. He said that this will give liberation to the people who were victims of Jaganasura’s rule
  • On 206th day (6-9-2023) in Vempa village of Bhimavaram Assembly Constituency, Lokesh unveiled a plaque on the occasion of reaching the milestone of 2800 kms. On this occasion, he assured that the unit will be provided at Rs.1.50 paise irrespective of the zones to benefit the aquarists. He said that this will benefit 18 lakh people who depend on the Aqua sector.ees that played a vital role in the success of Padayatra

Combined East Godavari District

  • On the 212th day (29-11-2023) of Yuvagalam Padayatra reached a milestone of 2900 km at Patha Injaram, I.Polavaram Mandal, Mummidivaram Constituency. On this occasion, Nara Lokesh unveiled a stone plaque promising to implement insurance for toddy tappers and coconut workers. This will benefit thousands of workers in Konaseema
  • On the 219th day (11-12-2023) of the Yuvagalam padayatra undertaken by the young leader with the aim of ending anarchy in the state, Nara Lokesh unveiled the pylon at the guest house of ThetaguntaYanamala, Tuni Constituency on the occasion of reaching the historic milestone of 3 thousand km. On this occasion, he promised to restore the canteens as soon as she came to power.

Combined Visakha District

  • Yuvagalam Padayatra reached the 3100 kms milestone on 224th day (16-12-2023) at Gauri Library, GVMC 81st Ward, Anakapalli Constituency. On this occasion, Nara Lokesh unveiled a plaque promising to complete the railway bridge between Chodavaram – Anakapalli after coming to power


Committees that played a vital role in the success of Yuvagalam Padayatra
During the Yuvagalam Padayatra, no matter how many difficulties the opponents caused, the 14 management committees remained united and played a vital role in the successful continuation of the Padayatra. Even though false cases were registered against many people, these committees carried out their responsibilities effectively without backing down. Especially, despite the CID registering false cases against Yuvagalam chief coordinator Kilari Rajesh, he bravely faced those cases and led the padayatra forward successfully. These committees were the compass for the Yuvagalam Padayatra which lasted for 226 days.

  • Yuvagalam Main Coordinator – Kilari Rajesh
  • Personal Support Team – Tatha Naresh, Kunchanapalli Vinay, Pinninthi Murthy
  • Volunteers Committee – Animini Ravi Naidu, Manam Pranav Gopal
  • Food Committee – Maddipatla Suryaprakash, Lakshmipati
  • Media Committee – Main Co-ordinator B.V. Venkataramudu, Kasaraneni Jaswanth
  • Public Relations Committee – Krishna Rao, Kishore, Munindra, Challa Madhusudan Rao. Photographers: Santhosh, Srinivas, Kashiprasad
  • Decoration Committee – Brahm Chaudhary, Malishetty Venkatesh
  • Advance Team Committee – Dundi Rakesh, Nimmagadda Chaitanya, Srirangam Naveen Kumar, Chandrasekhar, Narayanaswamy
  • Route Coordination Committee – Kasturi Koteswara Rao (KK), Karnati Amarnath Reddy
  • Leaflet Distribution Committee – Adusumilli Vijay, Venkatappa, Vamsi, Chirala Naresh
  • Selfie Coordination Committee – Vellampally Surya, Pradeep, Sridhar Chaudhary
  • Facilities Committee – Jangala Venkatesh, Nara Prashanth, Leeladhar, Babi, Ramesh
  • Drinking Water Accommodation Committee – Bhaskar, Chirumalla Venkat, Anil
  • Social Media – Arjun

Assurances given to various groups in Yuvagalam padayatra

Assurances to the Kshatriya community

  • In the first hundred days after coming to power, Funds will be allocated to help the poor Kshatriyas
    Bhogapuram Airport will be named after Alluri Sitaramaraj
  • Alluri Memorial will be set up in Amaravati
  • Telugu Desam will work hard to set up Alluri statue in Parliament as well
  • Construction of statue and memorial building of late Murthyraju in Mogali village by allocating 10 acres

Assurances to the Rajaka community

  • Free electricity to Rajaka Dobi Ghats
  • 500 units of free electricity for washing machines given through Adharana scheme
  • Efforts to establish Rajaka Bhavan in Tirupati
  • Steps will be taken to allocate the Rajaks to wash the god’s clothes
  • Construction of dhobi ghats by drilling boreholes wherever necessary

Assurances to the Vaddera community

  • The quarries seized by the YSRCP leaders will be returned to the Vaddera people


  • Chandranna insurance for those who die in accidents


Guarantees given to the Yadava community


  • Allocation of funds for Yadava Corporation


  • Decision will be taken after discussion on reservations for Yadavas in Goshala


  • Restoration of Gopalamitras


  • The resumption of the Gokulas


  • Subsidy for sheep, cows and insurance facility


  • 22 sheep will be taken as a unit and provided as subsidy


  • Vacant barren lands will be allotted for sheep grazing


  • Fodder will be distributed on subsidy


  • Construction of sheds on subsidy to protect the animals from natural calamities


Assurances to the Dalit community


  • Restoring the 27 welfare schemes for SCs and STs implemented by the previous government


  • Waiver of illegal cases filed against SCs


  • Revival of schemes previously implemented by the Corporation


  • Community Halls at Constituency Centres


  • Revival of Ambedkar foreign education, study circles


  • Social justice for Madiga community in case of classification


  • Babu Jagjivan Ram Statue, Science Center in Amaravati


Assurances to ST/Lambadi community


  • Safe water for Thandas, construction of roads


  • Internet facility through fibre net


  • Construction of temples in Tandas by allocating funds in the budget


  • Construction of ST building at Kokkindi Cross in Kadiri Constituency


  • Decision on distribution of land to STs after discussion with party leaders


Assurances to the Muslim community


  • Establishment of Islamic Bank


  • Special Manifesto for Muslims


  • Judicial power for Waqf Board to protect Waqf lands


  • Allocation of funds to Muslim Corporation


  • Illegal cases filed against Muslims will be waived


  • Ramadan Tofa


  • Dulhan


  • Completion of construction of stalled Hajj houses


  • Special colleges for minority girls




Assurances to the handloom community


  • 200 units of free electricity to handloom weavers


  • 500 units of free electricity for those with looms


  • Grant of loans along with subsidies for purchase of raw materials


  • Abolition of GST on handloom textiles. If necessary, state government will bear it


  • Construction of common working sheds in densely populated areas


  • Rs.10 lakh compensation to families of suicides


Assurances to the Shettibalija/Gowda/Eediga community


  • Establishment of Dommeti Venkata Reddy Museum


  • 20 percent of the liquor shops will be allotted to palm wine workers


  • Identity cards will be granted


  • The Chandranna Bima compensation of Rs.5 lakh will be increased to Rs.10 lakh depending on the financial condition of the state


  • Neera Cafes will be set up by providing loans through the Corporation


  • Permanent caste certificates will be provided


  • Proportionate allocation of funds to Shettibalija Corporation


  • Encouragement of palm tree plantation with employment guarantee


  • Establishment of Neera Cafe


  • Providing Tools by Adharana scheme


Assurances to Kuruba/MadasiKuraba community


  • Kanakadasu Jayanti as a state festival


  • Subsidized sheep, cows and insurance facility


  • 22 sheep will be taken as a unit and provided as subsidy


  • Vacant barren lands will be allotted for sheep grazing


  • Steps to grant SC certificate to MadasiKurubas


  • Construction of Birappa temple with government funds


  • Salaries will be provided to priests in Birappa temple


Assurances to the Budaga/Beda community


  • SC certificate will be provided within ten days of coming into power


  • All types of welfare schemes will be provided


  • Proportionate allocation of funds


Assurances to Shatra social class


  • Allocation of funds to Shatra castes with formation of corporation on a proportional basis (Kadiri)


  • Construction of building for Shatra caste in Kadiri


  • Proportionate allocation of funds


Assurances to Uppara/Sagara social class


  • Proportionate allocation of funds


  • Words like Upparasodhi and Uppara meeting are prohibited


Assurances to Vokkaliga community


  • Decision will be taken after discussion on inclusion of Vokkaligas in OBC


  • Proportionate allocation of funds


Assurances to Valmiki/Boya community


  • To be included in ST category based on Satyapal Committee report


  • Proportionate allocation of funds


  • Construction of Pending community buildings




Assurances to the fishermen community


  • GO 217 will be Cancelled as soon as the TDP government comes. The ponds will be returned to the fishermen


  • As soon as TDP comes to power, financial assistance to all during hunting ban will be provided


  • Setting up pollution treatment plants so that the wastes of chemical and pharma companies do not end up in the sea


  • Boats, engines, nets, GPS, ice boxes will be given again as subsidy


  • TDP established 3 gurukula schools in Kakinada region for the education of fishermen children. As soon as the TDP government comes, 5 more gurukula schools will be established


  • Insurance to Boats as soon as TDP comes to power


Assurances to the Arya Vaishya community


  • Establishment of a museum to mark the services rendered by Rosaih to the state after coming to power


  • A corporation for Arya Vaishyas will be formed


  • Purge of Arya Vaishya Mahasabha


  • Measures will be implemented to do business in a free environment


  • Designing an Ease of Doing Business policy


  • Reduction in cost of doing business


  • GST Portal Problem Solving


Assurances to the Brahmin community


  • Allocation of funds to Brahmin Corporation on a proportionate basis


  • Construction of Aparakarmala buildings by Brahmin Corporation


  • Salaries for priests in villages through Brahmin Corporation


  • Unemployment benefit for those who have studied in Vedic schools and have certificates


  • Allocation of funds from state budget for lamp offerings and temple maintenance expenses


  • Issuance of ID cards to priests in order to get honorarium from the government


  • Arranging darshan in Tirumala for every priest with ID cards and their family


  • Allocation of funds from state budget for construction of temples


Assurances given to the Agnikula Kshatriyas


  • Schemes cancelled by Jagan for fishermen will be restored


  • Funds will be allocated to Agnikula Kshatriya Corporation in proportion to population


  • Better tools will be provided to BCs and fishermen for self-employment


  • Residential colleges for fishermen where necessary will be established


  • 30 percent subsidy to fishermen and small scale industries


  • Responsibility will be taken to construct the fishing harbour by 2026 within two years of our coming to power


  • Correct the irregularities happening in the temple trust boards


Assurances to BCs


  • BC Atrocities Act on the lines of SC and ST atrocities to protect BCs


  • Measures to ensure that the government bears the cost of fighting legal battles in courts


  • Revival of welfare schemes implemented earlier by the Corporation


  • Waiver of illegal cases filed against BCs


  • Distribution of tools to BCs through Adharana scheme


  • Construction of BC buildings first at district and then at constituency level


  • Reservation for local bodies will be increased to 34


  • Allotment of land to BCs through industrial cluster in 175 constituencies



Assurances to mango farmers


  • Advanced mango research centre will be set up in the state and develop new mango varieties


  • Pulping units and food processing units will be established as soon as TDP comes to power


  • Research Center in Nujiveedu area will be strengthened


  • Market will be linked for the sale of mangoes. A direct agreement with the big companies will be made to ensure that the farmer gets the benefit


  • Good policies implemented in the neighbouring states will be studied and implemented here like insurance for the mango crop


  • Local market, cold storage and ripening chambers will be set up to benefit the mango farmers of Nujiveedu, Thiruvuru and Mylavaram


  • Drip irrigation will be provided as soon as TDP comes to power. Farmer chariots, micronutrients and other implements will be provided in subsidy


  • A decision will be taken on the formation of Mango board after discussion with the party


  • Dryers required for export of mango products will be provided in subsidy


  • Efforts will be made to set up a juice factory


Assurances to Youth/Students:


  • Free travel facility in RTC buses for students after TDP


  • Establishment of career counselling system


  • Job calendar in January every year


  • DSC every year


  • Private jobs by organizing job fair


  • Special Manifesto for Youth


  • Repeal of GO No.77, Old Fee Reimbursement Policy


  • Issuance of certificates to students through OTS


  • Chandranna insurance will be increased to Rs.10 lakhs


  • Big private companies will be attracted to the state within 100 days of TDP coming to power


  • Establishment of training centres at constituency level for self employment. Grant of subsidized loans


  • Free bus pass facility for KG to PG students


  • Revival of overseas education


  • Radical changes in syllabus in KG to PG education


  • Payment of fee reimbursement directly to the colleges by cancelling the Vasathi Deevena and Vidya Deevena without any hassles for the students


Assurances to Traders/Lawyers


  • Abolition of professional tax


  • Old system will be adopted in surcharges paid by rice millers


  • Repeal of Land Title Act


Assurances To Women


  • Special curriculum to respect women


  • Special policies on the lines of North Eastern states for protection of women


  • Incentives to train women entrepreneurs


  • Revival of Abhaya Hastam Scheme


Other assurances given to the public during the Padayatra


  • Implementation of Karnataka policies in case of DKT Pattas


  • Construction of sheds as required by carpenters


  • Constitution of Auto Union Board. Setting up of auto stands with facilities


  • Renewal of Chandranna Bima


  • Renovation of Anna Canteen


  • Reduced prices of petrol and diesel and reduced prices of essential commodities


  • Sanction of pensions and ration cards without conditions


  • Arrangements to get Aadhaar and ration cards to the mobile


Assurances to bike mechanics


  • Many new technologies are emerging. BS5, BS6, electric vehicles are in the market. Accordingly, as soon as TDP comes to power, District or parliament will be considered as a unit and bike repair training centres will be established


  • Advanced tools will be provided as soon as TDP comes to power. Corporations will provide subsidized loans for setting up mechanic sheds


  • Bike mechanics will be identified as soon as TDP comes to power and government identity cards will be provided to bike mechanics. Medical assistance and Chandranna Bima will be implemented for bike mechanics


  • Skill training to bike mechanics will be provided according to the changing technology


  • Steps will be taken to increase the income of bike mechanics as soon as TDP comes to power


  • Special board for the welfare of bike mechanics will be formed after discussion with the party leaders


Assurances to retired employees


  • Enhancement of quantum of pension for retired employees


  • Timely payment of gratuity and other benefits to retired employees


  • Contribution to construction of own house for retired employees


  • Health cards with full reimbursement for health services


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