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A rare genius of music

As a composer he was marvelous..As a lyricist he was unparalleled and as a poet he was matchless. If all come into one the versatile personality was Ravindra Jain. The man who gave Bollywood the gem of a singer Yesudas and hundreds of songs that still haunt for their simple lyrical depth and soulful tunes. Almost all of the movies that he gave music were hit the hearts of people, for their music, soulful songs and deep hearted renditions. He was the only music director for whom there was no need for a lyricist..he himself wrote the lyrics and made the classics..for example ChitChor..all the songs in the movie are evergreen hits. And still remembered for their lirical, situational and musical value. His more than two decades of wonderful and marvellous musical journey has many mile stones and gave us hundreds of songs that stand out in every respect.
Being blind did not deter the spirit in him to excel. He gave heartfelt music to more than hundred movie including Ankhion ke Jharokhon Se, Geet Gaata Chal, Ram Teri Ganga Maile. His life journey and the determination and confidence to achieve something new by overcoming his physical limitations, was a lesson in itself as to how a man can evolve himself and hone his ability by taking advantage of everything at his disposal. That very ambition coupled with deep rooted knowledge of music brought out a tremendous combination hiding in him. To the surprise of everyone he was successful as a music director, poet also as a lyricist. It is really unimaginable achievement for any one except those like Ravindra Jain who was born great and name and fame followed him as he journeyed. When lamps are lit and the dusk descends his memory strikes us as there won’t be any day that goes without his songs being heared and enjoyed.
-B.Rajeswara Prasad

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