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Babu should come back to power to rid problems of people: Lokesh

Tirupati, Feb 23: Making it clear that the Constitution has given him the right to interact with people, the TDP national general secretary, Mr Nara Lokesh, on Thursday told the local police officials that they have no authority to cause any kind of obstructions to him.

The police pulled his stool standing on which he was addressing the local public at Neelisani Peta as part of his ongoing pada yatra ‘Yuva Galam’ on Thursday. The police even told Mr Lokesh that as per the provisions of the GO number 1, issued recently, he should not speak to the public.

‘When the police tried to create obstructions to his interaction with locals at Gajula Mandyam village, am angry Mr Lokesh said that ‘I am not using any mike to interact with the local public. As per the provisions of the Constitution I have every right to speak with the people and you have no authority to stop me,” he told the police officials present there.

The TDP national general secretary told the people that almost all sections, including women, youth and the farmers, are facing some problem or the other and the only solution to solve these problems is that Mr Chandrababu Naidu should become the chief minister again. ”I am here to have the first hand information on the issues that you are facing but the police are not allowing me to talk to you,” Mr Lokesh said.

Pointing out that many leaders, including Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, his sister, Mrs Sharmila, and their father, Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy, undertook pada yatra when Mr Chandrababu Naidu was the chief minister, Mr Lokesh said that they did not face even a single issue during their pada yatras. ”Now, when I address the people even at a remote village, the Tadepalli palace is shivering,” he remarked.

”I will certainly remind the Chief Minister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, about the promises that he made to the people during his pada yatra and which he failed to fulfill. I will also thoroughly expose his misdeeds,” Mr Lokesh said.

At Y Convention Hall in Renigunta, Mr Lokesh had a meeting with RMP and PMP doctors where he promised to solve all their problems once the TDP government is formed again. These doctors wanted the revival of GO 429 which Mr Lokesh promised to fulfill once the TDP is back in power.

The TDP national general secretary also had a seperate meeting with Yadavas at the same convention hall. The representatives of the community wanted loans on subsidy and Mr Lokesh assured them that he will certainly take up the matter immediately after the TDP government is formed again.

Mr Lokesh also promised to see to it that the Yadava community is grown as industrialists. The TDP national general secretary said that the only solution to resolve the issues of all the communities is that this psycho rule should go and cycle rule should be back.

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