Chandrababu Naidu meets NITI Ayog CEO

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The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP supremo, Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu, on Tuesday had a meeting with NITI Ayog Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Parameswaran Iyer, in New Delhi.

Both of them discussed formulating a strategy to focus on digital knowledge and preparing a vision document to take the nation further. Mr Parameswaran Iyer shared his experiences with Mr Chandrababu.

Mr Chandrababu, who attended the G-20 preparatory meeting held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday, continued to meet some top personalities in New Delhi. During his meeting with Mr Parameswaran Iyer, he is statd to have shared his views on Vision-2047, by which year India will be entering 100th year of Independence.

Mr Chandrababu and Mr Parameswaran are understood to have discussed various issues, particularly on digital knowledge. Both of them felt that Indians not only in the country but also those who are living abroad, are progressing well both politically and economically.

Both Mr Chandrababu and Mr Parameswaran felt that youth should be further encouraged to reach further heights as their earnings too are very high now. TDP leader and MP, Mr Ram Mohan Naidu, Khambhampati Rama Mohana Rao Former MP accompanied Mr Chadrababu.

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