CLP Will Meet Soon: Bhatti

He Thanks People Profusely For Giving Him Victory Fourth Time

Madhira, Dec 3: The CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka who secured the victory for the fourth consecutive term defeating his nearest old rival L. Kamal Raj with a thumping majority said that the Congress Legislature Party will meet soon to elect it’s leader in a transparent and democratic manner.

Emerging from the counting centre, he spoke to the mediapersons on Sunday. He thanked profusely the people of Madhira for giving him victory with abundant trust on him.

The state of Telangana came into light after 10 year darkness. “We convert the Pragati Bhavan into public administrative building. We make people part of our ruling. In the Indiramma rajyam there will be no scope for monarchic tendencies”, he said.

Mr. Vikramarka advised the authorities work for the well-being of the society giving up the old habits. He wanted them to be accountable to the people and impartial in the administration.

He said that the people of Telangana voted for liberty, brotherhood, independence and prosperity. In the first Cabinet meeting itself a resolution would be passed on Six Guarantees to implement them in next 100 days, he added.

The senior Congress leader said that the people responded well to the messages of Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjuna Kharge and Priyanka Gandhi and voted out the Dorala Telangana paving the way for the Prajala Telangana. He also thanked the Congress cadres, friendly parties and supporters.

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