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CM Jagan betraying groundnut farmers of Rayalaseema: TDP

15 lakh acres groundnut drying up amid no Govt support: Kalva
Govt should compensate losses and give pending dues
AMARAVATI: TDP former Minister Kalva Srinivasulu on Tuesday held the Jaganmohan Reddy Government responsible for the fall of groundnut crop coverage by over 2.5 lakh acres in Rayalaseema region this year.
Srinivasulu said that the farmers were losing confidence in cultivation in view of the lack of any support from the YSRCP regime. CM Jagan Reddy promised in the Assembly in 2019 that he would compensate for Rs. 2,000 Cr crop losses in kharif. Not a single rupee was paid till now. Even now, over 15 lakh acres of groundnut crop was drying up all over Seema districts due to lack of timely rains. Neither CM nor any Minister was trying to help the farmers.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader deplored that not a single official nor even volunteers were trying to tell the Government about the woes of groundnut farmers. In Anantapur district alone, groundnut was grown in nearly 11 lakh to 12 lakh acres this year. The crop was good in the beginning but lack of rains towards the end of season had damaged the crop. The farmers were in a very pitiable condition. Last year, they cultivated 12.26 lakh acres and suffered a loss of Rs. 3,000 Cr. The Government did not release even Rs. 300 Cr.
Kalva Srinivasulu asked what CM Jagan Reddy could do for the farmers of the whole AP when he could not rescue even the farmers of his own native Seema region. For the last one and half months, there have been no rains in Seema. Consequently, the groundnut crop in 15 lakh acres was drying up. It was high time that either CM or his agriculture minister visited the damaged crops. Agriculture Minister Kanna Babu was speaking on all subjects except his department. Jagan Reddy had no right to continue as CM if he did not rescue Seema farmers this year.
The TDP leader recalled how the previous Chandrababu regime brought scientists and addressed the problem of water resources for groundnut crop. The crop was saved to some extent. At that time, CM Chandrababu Naidu stayed in Anantapur for over six days. An assistance of Rs. 1,126 Cr was given to Anantapur farmers in 2017. Total Rs. 1,826 Cr was given to Seema farmers. Over five years, the TDP regime gave assistance of Rs. 7,759 Cr during three crop failures. Over Rs. 3,759 Cr was given towards input subsidy and Rs. 4,007 Cr towards insurance claims. The YCP regime totally failed in this respect.
Srinivasulu termed it as atrocious on the part of the Jagan regime not to give a single rupee of support to the farmers in the past two and half years. Over 17 groundnut farmers died so far due to losses and debts. The ruling party leaders owed an explanation on this. The CM should open his eyes and address the problem of crop losses. The previous dues towards input subsidies and assistance for drip and sprinkler irrigation should be provided.
The TDP leader stressed the need for the ruling YSRCP to create confidence among the farmers so that the crisis in agriculture would not deepen further. The TDP leaders would visit the damaged crops and fight a relentless struggle on behalf of the farmers.

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