KCR to attend a mammooth public meeting at Kandar Loha in Maharashtra March 26

BRS party national President and Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao to attend a mammooth public meeting at Kandar Loha in Maharashtra March 26.- Big joinings in public meeting.

BRS National President and Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao decided to organize a mammooth public meeting of BRS party in Kandar Loha in Maharashtra on March 26. On this occasion, there will be a large number of leaders and people will join the BRS from Maharashtra.

The BRS party’ s policies and the vision of the party’s national President and CM KCR are impressing people in the entire country as well as many senior and prominent political leaders from various parties . Many senior leaders from many states are already joining the BRS party as they liked BRS policies, which aimed to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of the people of the entire country. The recently held Nanded public meeting drew overwhelming response and became a sensation in Indian politics which led to a big debate in the national politics. BRS chief CM KCR’s quest for India people’s development and welfare and his vision already attracted North India people including Maharashtra. Revolutionary development programmes and welfare schemes in Telangana are already drawing country wide attention.

People in the country already wished to have a Chief Minister like CM KCR in their respective states . People are confident that their support to CM KCR will help to develop the country along with Telangana. The big support to Nanded public meeting made it clear that people are coming forward for a qualitative change in their lives.

In this background, many seniors leaders of Maharashtra Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) resigned from that party and came forward to join BRS. On this occasion, Maharashtra senior politician, former MLA and President of NCP Kisan cell Shankaranna Dhonge, former MLA Nagnath Ghisewad (who lost from Bhokar constituency to former CM Ashok Chauhan by a margin of only 1000 votes), NCP Nanded district President Datta Pawar, Maharashtra NCP Youth Secretary Shivraj Dhonge, NCP Nanded President Shivdas Dharmapurikar, Kisan Morcha President Manohar Patil Bhosikar, NCP Spokesperson Dr. Sunil Patil, NCP Loha President Subhash Vakore, NCP Kandar President Datta Karamange, Zilla Parishad Members, Advocate Vijay Dhondage, NCP Youth President Hanmant. Kalyankar, Praveen Jatewad, Santhosh Warkad, Swapnil Khere and others met BRS party national president CM KCR in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

BRS Supremo held a long discussion with the leaders about the BRS policies and future action plan. All the leaders said that they will join the party with followers and activists on a large scale in the public meeting.
Armor MLA, Nanded Incharge Jeevan Reddy and others are present.