Lata..the queen of melody

Lata Mangeshkar has been the USP of Indian cinema for decades and across the generations. With a matchless, marvellous and melodious voice , she has been enthralling the nation for the last eighty years . It is really a miracle and magic of her voice that sustained her all through the years. Only Lata was the star singer for many star heroines whose stars further brightened with Lata’s rendition of songs them. Decades diluted in her mellifluous voice and generations together have been inspired by her melody and saluted to her magnetic voice power. From Nargis to Nanda from Mumtaz to Madhuri it has been Lata all the way. There was no heroine that she did not sing for during 50s, 60s, 70s 80s and 90s.What a range and spread of her voice. It is said one shines as one gains experience and expertise.
For Lata each song was a challenge, each song was a new experience and each music director was a new mentor. She learnt as she sang moulding her voice in such a way that nothing was impossible for her. People do not become just for the sake of it. Greatness has in its own in thing. It is the perseverance, persistence, perfection, discipline and above all

dedication to the field to the core. All these admirable qualities make one to sustain any onslaught to remain strong and remain forever. It is not a simple thing to reach such requires a magnificent personality, overwhelming simplicity and the ability to adopt to ever changing interests of the generations. As she has been a seasoned singer she moulded her voice tremendously and mesmerized everyone. Celebration of the great singers 92nd birth day is a celebration for the entire nation as Lata’s voice reverberates the nation each minute.
– B.Rajeswara Prasad

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