Lokesh decries attack on infant’s father at KGH

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-AP medical and health services deteriorated completely
-Victims facing cases under Jagan reverse rule
-Condemns case filed against Gudivada RI

AMARAVATI: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday condemned the attack on an infant’s father by Talli Bidda Express drivers at the Government Hospital in Visakhapatnam.

Nara Lokesh said the Vizag hospital incident came as a shock to the people who were yet to recover from seeing the inhuman behaviour of the ambulance mafia at the Tirupati Ruia Hospital the other day.

In a statement here, Lokesh said the series of disturbing incidents at the Government hospitals had exposed how badly conditions have deteriorated in the medical and health sector in the State. They were forcibly collecting Rs. 3,000 for delivery of a male child and Rs. 2,000 for a female child in the gynaecology ward of KGH.

Lokesh asked whether the Jagan Reddy Government was deriving amusement out of the woes of patients. Doubts were arising whether the medical and health department was sleeping when the Chief Minister was confining himself to the four walls of his Tadepalli palace.

The TDP MLC also released a video in which the infant’s father showed who he was attacked and injured. They said the drivers attacked them when they brought their own transport to shift the infant. All these problems arose because of the rampant corruption in all services in the KGH hospital.

Nara Lokesh strongly condemned the latest cases filed against Gudivada revenue inspector Aravind and other staff. The victims of the ruling YSRCP mafia were implicated in fabricated cases. The Jagan Reddy reverse regime has been harassing victims and protecting gangsters and criminals ever since it came to power in the State.

Lokesh termed it as atrocious that RI Aravind was accused of demanding bribes during his midnight raid against the soil mafia. These false cases exposed the extremes to which the ruling YSRCP mining mafia was going in their illegal activities.

The TDP MLC said if the officials were not succumbing to financial inducements, the YCP mafia was attacking their resolve and self-confidence. The ruling party was continuing to file false cases despite the fact that such cases would not stand in the court. The TDP would always stand by those officials who would continue their fight against fraudsters and mafia elements in society.

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