Lokesh decries bloody YCP attack on Pedanandipadu Dalit

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Dalit youth brutally attacked just for questioning Govt
YCP gangs perpetrating lawlessness and violence
Police silently watching murderous attacks

AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Tuesday held the Jaganmohan Reddy Government responsible for the latest ‘YSRCP attacks’ in Pedanandipadu, Ongole and other places in the State.

Lokesh condemned the latest ‘bloody attack’ made by the ruling YSRCP goons on Dalit activist Venkata Narayana in Pedanandipadu in Guntur district. They caused bleeding head injuries to the Dalit youth and set him afire by pouring petrol.

In a statement here, Lokesh decried that the ruthless YSRCP leaders attempted to murder Venkata Narayana just for objecting to their derogatory remarks against former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. The ruling party goons were obviously celebrating Jaganmohan Reddy’s birthday when they made abusive remarks on the TDP.

Nara Lokesh expressed concern that the YSRCP gangs had used the liquor bottles to hit and break the head of the Dalit youth. Would the ruling party goons kill everybody if they would question the Government’s actions? The goondas were out to eliminate all those who would try to tell some good things to the present rulers.

Lokesh termed it as ‘alarming’ that the ruling YSRCP gangs were not sparing even their own party leaders from victimization. YSRCP Ongole leader Subba Rao Gupta was attacked and physically thrashed just for making certain comments. Now, Venkata Narayana came under a murderous attack. Everyday, somebody was falling victim to the sadistic attacks of the YSRCP gangs.

Nara Lokesh asserted that the atrocious policies of the Jagan Reddy regime were solely responsible for the ongoing attacks on all sections of people. From day one, the Chief Minister unleashed a regime of demolitions, destruction and oppression. The only crime of Pedanandipadu Dalit youth was questioning the wrong policies of the Jagan Reddy Government.

Lokesh demanded the AP police bosses to explain to the public what action they were taking against such anti-social elements masquerading as the ruling YSRCP goons and gangs. By becoming puppets in the hands of the ruling party leaders, some sections of police officers were doing great disservice to the people of AP.

Condemning the mindset of the police, Lokesh said it was the YSRCP Government that was spearheading all these attacks on the opposition leaders and activists. The weaker sections and backward classes were coming under non-stop attacks. The Chief Minister was suppressing the very sections of AP society who gave him a massive mandate of 151 out of 175 MLAs in the 2019 elections.

Nara Lokesh recalled how Dalit doctor Dr. Sudhakar was victimised and persecuted till his death just for criticising the Chief Minister for neglecting Coronavirus preventive measures. The Government and the police branded Dr. Sudhakar as insane, arrested him, put him in a mental hospital and denied salary to him. Dalit youth Om Pratap died mysteriously after criticising the Government over the atrocious liquor policy and abnormal rates. Dalit student Kiran Kumar was beaten to death for not wearing a virus face mask. Dalit activist Vara Prasad was humiliated and tonsured in the police station itself just for objecting to the sand exploitation.

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