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Lokesh demands rollback of current charges

People getting shocks by just looking at current bills
Rs. 4,000 Cr being collected in the name of adjustment charges
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Monday demanded that the YSRCP Government immediately roll back the hike in current charges in order to provide relief from the undue financial burdens being imposed on all sections of the people in the past two and half years.
Mr. Lokesh accused the Jagan Reddy Government of collecting over Rs. 4,000 Cr from the people in the name of adjustment charges towards the costs of power generation, transmission and distribution. CM Jagan should freshen up his memory of how boastfully he promised during his pre-election Padayatra that he would not hike current charges if voted to power. All those promises were being broken one by one after coming to power.
In a statement here, Mr. Nara Lokesh said that the AP people were getting shocked and shaken at the manner in which the Jagan Reddy regime was ‘robbing’ and ‘slapping’ higher taxes and charges on their faces. The situation was so pathetic that the people were getting electric shocks by just taking a look at the monthly current bills. The CM totally forgot about the welfare and well being of the people but started punishing them with his regime’s multiple scams and frauds.
Mr. Lokesh deplored that the Jagan regime robbed Rs. 9,069 Cr by hiking current charges for over five times in just two and half years. CM Jagan Reddy should now come out of his Tadepalli residence and face the public anger with regard to the high current bills. The hikes in current charges in the name of unacceptable and illogical reasons were totally condemnable. The financial burden on the consumers should be withdrawn immediately.

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