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Lokesh: People’s fans stopped but Jagan fan whirring

AP coal stocks depleted but YCP pockets full and overflowing
CM turned State into ‘darkness filled AP’
Rs 215 Cr dues not paid to coal producers
Rs 200 Cr paid to Jagan own media for ads
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Saturday said that the ceiling fans stopped whirring at the homes of AP people just because they voted for the fan symbol and brought the YSRCP to power in 2019.
Lokesh slammed Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy for going on punishing the people with hikes in current charges instead of fulfilling election promises to go on handing more benefits to the people. The Central Government has alerted the State 40 days in advance about the emerging coal shortage but the AP CM did not take timely measures to save the people from power cuts.
In a statement here, Nara Lokesh said that the people of Andhra Pradesh put lots of hopes but Jagan Reddy has turned AP into ‘Andhakaraandhra Pradesh’ (Darkness filled State) in just two and half years. The Chief Minister toured all corners of the State with fan symbol in his hands before the polls but now he was bent on stopping the household fans of the common public. The ruling party leaders owed an explanation to the people on power cuts and highly unbearable current charges.
Lokesh asked why the Jagan Government did not pay Rs. 215 Cr of pending bills to the coal producing companies. The Government has paid Rs. 200 Cr to the CM’s own media in the name of advertisements but it has no foresight to prevent the coal crisis. This once instance was enough to say how Jagan Reddy was interested only in his personal agenda but not the well being of the five crore of the State.
Nara Lokesh asserted that the ruling YSRCP was solely responsible for the present crisis of coal shortage and power cuts because of its lack of planning and shortsighted approach. It was because Jagan Reddy turned a deaf ear to the Central Government’s cautionary alerts on the coal crisis that AP people were now suffering. The Centre has asked the State Government’s to preserve sufficient coal stocks in view of the emerging shortage crisis.
Condemning the Government’s ‘anti-people policies’, Lokesh said that while coal stocks depleted in the State, the Jagan Reddy’s personal treasuries of corruption money were filling and overflowing. The Chief Minister was doing nothing but amassing ill gotten wealth and then resting in his Tadepalli palace. On the other hand, the rest of AP people were silently suffering in darkness and despair. The present rulers would remain answerable to future generations for destruction of the State.
Nara Lokesh said that the current troubles of AP people would not end as long as they would have a Chief Minister who would crave for commissions in each and every small, medium and major work in the State. The Jagan regime brought Rs. 24,491 Cr of loans through the AP Power Finance Corporation Ltd (APPFSL). It should answer why there was a crisis in the power sector despite taking such massive loans. Moreover, all development works came to a standstill in the State.
Lokesh accused the CM of going on endlessly betraying the innocent people by running a reverse rule of fake promises and false policies. Jagan Reddy went round the State before polls promising not to hike current charges but now, his regime has hiked current rates over six times imposing Rs. 11,611 Cr burden.

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