Looting Government Exchequer and Over burden of Power bills charges on people

AP BJP Chief Spokesperson Lanka Dinakar 

We have already exposed along with the evidence of the attempt of the Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s favour to the Indosol Solar Private Limited to tie lakhs of acres of forest, revenue lands for the incorporation of power projects in the state of Andhra Pradesh illegitimately without adopting the proper procedure.

It seems to be hat, The State Government syphon the public funds to the Private companies with corrupt practices and it causes to impose an unsustainable burden of electricity charges on the people of the state.

It has been informed that the state government will provide the power line and substation construction required for the solar panel plant to be set up at Nellore by Indosol Solar Private Limited as a free gift to the company from the state government exchequer.

Information has been received that the state government has given necessary orders for the construction of power line and sub station with the funds of Trans Co., which costs about 80 to 90 crores for the benefit of Indosol Solar Private limited.

Generally, the cost of power line and sub station required for the any industrial set up by any private company should be borne by those companies on their own, but in the case of Indosol solar private limited, it has obtained a special favour from the state government funds. As per the information, this amount is providing from the AP Trans Co for free to the Indosol solar private limited.

Is it possible to loot the funds of Trans Co. as distributing like the Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s own money from his pocket. It is nothing but, on the one hand favouritism to the private company at the cost of the public exchequer and on the other hand throwing thunderbolts on people’s heads in the form of additional electricity charges.

We have the question that When did the state government issue GO for free gift power line and sub station under construction for Indosol solar private limited ? Has the state government given GO for this company prior to the “Investment approval from ERC” ?, Whether this company has obtained the “Investment approval from ERC” or not? The Chief Minister should answer it.

Can the state government release a white paper that has given free gift to any private companies for construction of power line and sub station with funds of the state government’s public exchequer?

The cost of the lines from the main line to the plant for the power supply required by the industries shall be collected from the consumers (industry), but we are seeing a new system where the government bears the cost to the companies as the Chief Minister likes it to render the favour in the case of Indosol solar private limited.

As an industrial incentive, as per the Industrial Policy, the subsidy to the industries can be given only on the power utilisation, but not on the laying for power line and construction of the sub-station.

Apart from this, as per the source of information that what is the rationale behind preponement of earlier agreement with a private company in advance as the 3800 MW power purchase agreement did enter by the State Government with the Private Company that to be implemented from 1.04.2024 as per the agreement, But it changed for preponement to start the purchase from December, 2023 of this year?

If the present state government will not in place by April 2024 due to defeat in the coming elections or the election code makes the private company unable to implement the contracts with the new upcoming government, then who will lose? It is suspected that the government is implementing the agreement from December 2023 itself with the intention of covering up the corruption practices existed in the agreement that will be exposed, if it will commence post April, 2024.

Has the construction of the plant completed by the private company with which the state government has agreed to supply the electricity? Or the question arises that why are they buying from outside and supplying before 1.04.2024 in such a hurry by the private company for it’s supply instead of the own plant that was mentioned in the agreement has not yet ready for the production?

According to the Private Company agreement with the state government, each unit shall be supplied by the private company without transmission charges at Rs. 2.49 paise from their newly establishing power unit. Now in the mask of “Gross Network Access”, has it been decided to pay 50 paisa to 75 paisa extra per unit to that private company or not? By the State Government and Isn’t this an additional burden on the public while benefiting the private company?

The provisions of the agreement entered between the state government of Andhra Pradesh and the Private Company should be exposed the shady dealings behind blindfolding and thus additionally benefiting private companies at the cost of the public exchequer.

How many thousands of crores of profit will be made after increasing the power supply charges to the private company from the State Government of Andhra Pradesh on their purchasing the power for every month from December 2023 by preponing the actual date April 2024?

It can be understood that the ruling party YSRCP leaders of the state government, who have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to win the upcoming elections, will lose the corrupt money that has been collected or is going to be collected from the Private company, if this agreement is not implemented. That is the why they preponed the power purchase agreement with the additional “ “Gross Network Access” for 50 paisa to 75 paisa extra per unit for the benefit of the private company.

The state government led by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is collecting the burden of electricity charges from the pockets of people of the State by distributing the public treasury money freely to private companies and looting the public money to private companies through corruption.

In the past, Jaganmohan Reddy’s led State Government of Andhra Pradesh gave contract of electricity smart metre devices and their maintenance cost, which were tied to their pocket companies, were to be cancelled when we raised the voice about the corruption in it. Later on for the benefit of Shirdi Sai Electricals Ltd the contract was extended at the price of each smart electricity metre is for Rs. 6 thousand, and another Rs. 31 thousand rupees is used for ancillary equipment and maintenance expenses, Hence, total for each smart metre at Rs. 37 thousand rupees, where as In Uttar Pradesh, the state government was cancelled the tender for 75 lakh smart metres that costs at Rs. 10 thousand rupees for each unit as the UP government was felt that cost was high side. But, in Andhra Pradesh, As a result, decisions taken by the state government to benefit the friendly companies of CM YS Jaganmohan reddy that will put the burden on the the people of the state and causes the more severe electricity charges on the consumers in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Public perception is that Indosol Solar Pvt Ltd and Shirdi Sai Electricals Ltd promoters are like the benamis of AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy and these two companies are enjoying the undue benefits from the public exchequer of the state with the malafide intentions and syphoning the corrupt funds routing as investments.

Till now the state government, which used to collect true up charges or energy adjustment charges from the electricity consumers of the state of Andhra pradesh, today, it seems to be collecting their “cost of corruption charges” additionally from the public in their electricity bills indirectly.

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