Naidu: Can Sudhakar have direct links with Afghan drug gangs?

Tadepalli links with Taliban drugs getting exposed
Police giving notices to TDP but not catching gangsters
AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu asserted that it would not be possible for the Andhra Pradesh drug mafia to establish direct links with the Afghanistan gangs without the active support of the top people in the State.
Naidu asked how an ordinary person like Machavaram Sudhakar of Aashi Trading Company could open direct channels with the Afghan heroin mafia. It was high time for the investigating agencies to nab those bigwigs in the State who were behind the illegal activities of Sudhakar. The AP mafia has emerged as a threat not just to the State but to the whole country as a whole.
The TDP chief welcomed hundreds of the ruling YSRCP activists and leaders who arrived from the Kanigiri segment in Prakasam district under the leadership of former MLA Ugra Narasimha Reddy. They joined the TDP in the presence of key leaders.
Speaking on the occasion, Chandrababu Naidu said that the people gave ‘one chance’ to the YSRCP believing in its election promises. However, CM Jagan Reddy has given an atrocious rule that marked corruption and destruction but nothing else. A ‘mad Tughlaq’ rule has been ruining the State completely. The police were giving notices to the TDP leaders instead of catching the gangsters, mafia gangs and robbers.
Naidu condemned the latest notice given to former MLA Dhulipalla Narendra by the Kakinada police on flimsy grounds. Instead of pleasing their political bosses, the police should have given explanation to the burning of boats under suspicious circumstances. The TDP would not be afraid of such harassment from the police and the ruling YSRCP leaders. Just because the people gave once chance to rule, Jagan Reddy was giving electric shocks to one and all in the State now.
The TDP chief said that the Tughlaq ruler in history became infamous for putting tax on hair. Now, Jagan Reddy was being aptly called a Tughlaq since he imposed tax on garbage. There were allegations about Rs. 72,000 Cr worth heroin brought into the country. The AP State has become a hub of ganja and drugs. Jagan Reddy’s own brands of liquor were being sold. Such brands would not be available in any other State in India or the world. National and international brands were driven away from AP.
Condemning the CM’s ‘attitude’, Chandrababu Naidu deplored that both the promising projects of Amaravati and Polavaram were thrown into the dustbin under the Jagan regime. Amaravati was a Rs. 2 Lakh Crore worth potential Capital City project. The Chief Minister had destroyed it just to please his personal ego and to derive sadistic pleasure. The TDP used Polavaram to interlink the Krishna and the Godavari rivers to increase the prospects of the farmers.
Naidu said that the TDP planned to link the Krishna to the Penna river as well so that water supply could be augments to Rayalaseema and upland areas in Prakasam and Nellore districts. All those plans were gone with the wind. CM Jagan Reddy had handed over all rights on irrigation projects to the Centre now. Even for digging a canal, AP would have to take Central permission now.
The TDP chief said that the Polavaram project funds were reduced from Rs. 55,000 Cr to Rs. 20,000 Cr. But, Jagan Reddy had no courage to take up this issue with the Central Government. He promised a lot of things before the polls but now there was no Special Status, no industries and no jobs. A promising state like AP was turned into a Bihar with no development and no future. Now, it was upto the AP people to fight back and bury the YCP rule permanently.
Naidu said that Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy was nothing but a broker who was only accelerating the destruction of the State. All those, who were responsible for this regime’s vengeful activities, would have to bear punishments in future.