Naidu decries ‘midnight arrest’ of Ashok Babu

MLC victimised for supporting agitating employees
YCP Govt would pay heavy penalties for illegalities

AMARAVATI: TDP National President and former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu on Friday condemned the ‘illegal arrest’ of their party MLC Paruchuri Ashok Babu by the CID officers.

Naidu expressed strong reservations against the manner in which the AP Government was victimising the opposition party leaders. A false case was filed solely to arrest Ashok Babu in the name of anomalies in service matters.

In a statement here, the TDP chief asked where was the need for making the midnight arrest of Ashok Babu in such a case relating to service matters. Apparently, the YSRCP Government was taking revenge against the TDP MLC just because he raised his voice in support of the agitating employees.

Naidu warned that the YSRCP Government would have to pay a heavy penalty for each and every illegality that it was perpetrating on the opposition leaders and the general public. All sections of the people were condemning the tone and tenor of the ruling party administration in the State.