No CM harmed employees like Jagan Reddy: TDP

-No CM harmed employees like Jagan Reddy: TDP
-CM, MLA responsible for Naidu’s Covid infection: ex Minister
-60 lakh employees and families should agitate

AMARAVATI: TDP former minister Nakka Anand Babu on Wednesday asserted that no other Chief Minister had done so much injustice like Jaganmohan Reddy did to the Government employees in Andhra Pradesh in the past three years.

Anand Babu said former CM Chandrababu Naidu used to roll out a red carpet for employees’ leaders while Jagan Reddy had held talks with them only once since he came to power in 2019. The present leaders of employees associations had no moral right to continue in leadership positions considering their miserable failure to get a decent PRC (Pay Revision Commission).

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said Jagan Reddy was thinking that the 5 crore people of the State would be happy if he embarrassed 14 lakh employees,
No-CM-harmed-employees-like-Jagan-Reddy-TDPpensioners and outsourcing staff. It was high time all the 60 lakh employees and their family members should start an agitation and bring the Government to a standstill. Then the Jagan Reddy regime would certainly come down to its knees.

Anand Babu held the Chief Minister and his party Macherla MLA responsible for Chandrababu Naidu testing positive for Coronavirus. The YSRCP goondas resorted to political murder by slitting throat of TDP leader Chandraiah. Chandrababu Naidu had to go there, carried his party leader’s coffin and stayed there till midnight. That made the former CM vulnerable to Covid-19.

The TDP leader said many employees succumbed to Coronavirus while on duty but their families were not yet given any death benefits till now. No humanitarian appointments were given. The YSRCP regime has given a raw deal at every step.

Anand Babu criticised that the employees’ leaders should feel ashamed for not being able to get a decent appointment to speak to the CM. They harmed 14 lakh employees with their useless WhatsApp, social media and black badges agitations. They held insincere talks with Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary only to demotivate and demoralize the employees’ agitation.

The TDP former minister recalled how the CM was snubbing the employees even after their leader Bandi Srinivasa Rao had disclosed how they voted with both hands to bring YCP to power. They asked for 71 demands but the Government turned down all of them and fulfilled an unsolicited 72nd demand of increasing the retirement age to 62 years.

Anand Babu said there would be a cut of Rs. 4,000 in each employee’s salary because of Jagan Reddy’s Pay Reverse Commission. Chandrababu gave 43 percent fitment even during a deficit budget but Jagan Reddy conceded just 23 percent. In no other State in the country, the Government employees got a lesser fitment than the interim relief they were already taking.