No security for women in YSRCP rule, says Lokesh


The TDP national general secretary, Mr Nara Lokesh, asked whether the State Government is implementing the welfare schemes, like Ammavadi, old-age pension and pension for widows as promised.

On the third day of his pada yatra ‘Yuva Galam’, Mr Lokesh intearcetd with people on his way and all of them complained that they are not getting any of the welfare schemes. “Mrs Bharathi Reddy, the wife of the Chief MInister, Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, promsied to the people that Ammavadi scheme will be given to all the children. Is it being implemented,” he asked.

Mr Lokesh questioned the State Government whether the pension scheme for all those who have completed 45 years of age as promised is being extended to the beneficiaries. “When Mr Jagan, before the elections said that he will increase everything. People thought that the welfare schemes will be extended to more beneficiaries but the Government is increasing all taxes,” he said, in a rather sarcastic way.

Mr Lokesh said that Mr Jagan has deceived even women in the nameof Disa Act. “Except two-wheelers which are seen in the name of Disa, the Act is not in force,” he added. The TDP general secretary promised to reduce the tax burden on the common man once his party is back in power and a perfect plan of action will be designed to bring down the prices of essntial commodities too.

Observing that women are being humilated by none other than the Cabinet Ministers, Mr Lokesh felt that the atrocities againstwome are on the rise because of the behavious of the ruling party leaders. The TDP general secretary believed that better results can be achieved by brining in changes in society rather than laws and punishments.

He promised that lessons to respect women will be included in the syllabus for all the subjects from the school level once the TDP is back in power and necessary security will be provided for the women in the State.

Later, intearcting with farmers at Gundisettipalli in Kuppam Assembly segment, Mr Nara Lokesh pointed out that during the TDP regime 50 per cent subsidy was provied to purchase anumals while the Scheduled Castes (SCs) were given 70 per cent subsidy. “But now there is no subsidy and on top of it the ruling party has deceived the dairy farmers by not fulfilling the promise made to them that Rs 4 as bonus will be paid to them for every litre of milk.

Observing that the dairy farmers are facing a lot of problems in the YSRCP rule as no benefits are extended to them, Mr Lokesh said that Mr Chandrababu Naidu, as the chief minister of the State, encouraged the dairy farming by extending all benefits, including subsidies wherever possible. The YSRCP Government completely damaged the cooperative dairy system and the Chittoor and Ongole Dairies were handed over to Amul company.

“How the Chittoor Dairy which is worth more than Rs 600 cr can be handed over for the Amul Company at a very cheap price and Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy is resorting large-scale corruption in the name of dairy farming,” Mr Nara Lokesh remarked. Even salaries are not being paid for Gopala Mitras, he added.

Mr Lokesh also visited the Sunday market at Santhipuram and sopke to the shop-owners. The marketmen wanted a seperate land be allotted for the Sunday market. The TDP general secretary felt very sad that Santhipuram does not have even proper drinking water facility as the NTR Sujala Plants were closed after the YSRCP came to power.

The villagers of Babunagar also narrted their woes to Mr Lokesh that they do not have even proper road facility as the damaged ways were not repaired in the recent past. Mr Lokesh promised to build roads in teh area within 100 days of the TDP coming to power.