People will ‘pluck’ Jagan CM post: Keshav

-PAC chairman decries CM’s ‘inappropriate words’
-What did Jagan pluck in the last three years?

AMARAVATI: Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman Payyavula Keshav on Saturday strongly objected to Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for using ‘inappropriate language’ while addressing a public meeting in Nandyal in Kurnool district yesterday.

Keshav said Jagan Reddy ushered in a new style of objectionable language by using such words as ’emi peekuthav’ (what will you pluck?) against the opposition party. This was totally unbecoming of a leader occupying the high position of Chief Minister in the State.

Addressing a press conference in Hyderabad, the TDP leader said the Chief Minister started this ‘peekudu language’ in his frustration over the intelligence reports and also the PK reports on his Government’s failures. Left with no choice, Jagan Reddy had decided to stoop to any level in order to divert the public attention from his weaknesses.

Keshav advised the CM to list out what he had achieved for the people of Andhra Pradesh in the past three years instead of foul-mouthing the opposition TDP. What did Jagan Reddy achieve in the Rayalaseema projects since he came to power? Did he make any progress in the North Andhra projects? What great progress had Jagan Reddy made in the State’s lifeline irrigation project of Polavaram?

The PAC chairman warned that it would be the people who would ‘pluck’ the power that they had given to Jagan Reddy in the 2019 election. All sections of people were greatly disappointed with the CM’s attitude. Jagan Reddy had plucked 24 hour curent supply. He had chased away industries, blocked all kinds of development and ruined the lives of youth and employees.

Keshav asked what the Chief Minister had done during his visits to Delhi to meet with the Central Ministers and leaders. Did he pluck anything from them to benefit the State? Or did he meekly surrender to them? Three years were over but there was no clarity what CM Jagan Reddy had done with his Kodi Kathi murder attempt case. Even in ‘babai Vivekananda Reddy murder’, the CM could do nothing.

The TDP leader expressed surprise how Jagan Reddy would be able to root out the opposition parties when he could not freely replace his own Cabinet Ministers. It was the duty of the media to write about the problems of the people. The opposition would question the Government on behalf of the people. Instead of looking at constructive criticism, the CM was launching attacks on both the media and the opposition.

Keshav asked whether the people gave power to Jagan Reddy to remove Anna Canteens. The CM could do nothing on Special Status, Steel Plant and projects. Jagan Reddy talked about changing all Ministers. Can he change all Rayalaseema Ministers as per his haughty and arrogant statement?

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