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TDP: AP crumbling under ‘rule of criminals’

Kodali graduated from ‘University of Vulgarity’: Pilli
Parishad polls a big mockery of democracy
AMARAVATI: TDP Official Spokesman Pilli Manikya Rao on Tuesday asserted that their party had boycotted the MPTC and ZPTC elections only after the ruling YSRCP leaders further intensified their election offences, criminal violations and constitutional lapses.
Mr. Manikya Rao advised Minister Kodali Nani to check facts how the ruling YSRCP misused the police and official machinery to sabotage the entire electoral process. Instead of learning some decency in public life, the YSRCP Ministers and leaders were only becoming more indecent and foul in their use of language and behaviour. The rule of ‘criminals’ in AP had made the parishad polls a mockery and a face that the whole country was feeling ashamed of.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that the YSRCP gangsters did not allow former SEC Ramesh Kumar to carry out his election duties in a free and fair manner. The polls were continued even after a gap of one year without giving a fresh notification. The YSRCP leaders resorted to inducements in over 341 places, kidnappings in 71 places and threats in 1,085 places in the parishad polls. Attacks were made on TDP MLAs and ex MLAs. Nomination papers were snatched away in 426 places. Over 237 nominations were made invalid at the scrutiny stage.
Mr. Manikya Rao asked Minister Nani to explain whether the people of AP had given massive victory to the YSRCP because of its non-stop destruction of the State. It was a shame to democracy that over 2,248 out of the total 9,696 MPTCs were declared as unanimous ‘forcefully’ in favour of the YSRCP. Out of the total 652, over 125 were declared forcibly unanimous for the YSRCP. Usually, it would be very difficult to make even a single ZPTC unanimous because of the intense political rivalries in rural areas.
The TDP leader said that Minister Nani had no locus standi to speak about former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. The former CM had a record for starting and encouraging landmark universities and educational institutions. Whereas, the CM Jagan Reddy could get credit for establishing only one university which was the ‘University of Volgarity’. Obviously, Kodali Nani had graduated from this university with flying colours. The TDP was not continuing its legal battle on the parishad polls out of respect for the orders of the court.
Mr. Manikya Rao asserted that Mr. Naidu would have no need to run away and it was certain that he would lead the TDP to throw out the Jagan regime. It was Mr. Jagan Reddy who ran away from his father YSR’s original Congress party and survived under a stolen identity of Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress.

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