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TDP dares IPS Assn for debate on police functioning

YCP made abusive comments but police silent: Ramaiah
Ayyanna comments highlighted prevailing situation
AMARAVATI: TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah on Saturday challenged the AP State IPS Officers’ Association for an open debate on the overall functioning of the AP police in the past two and half years of CM Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy’s suppressive rule.
Mr. Ramaiah asserted that their party would strongly condemn the manner in which the IPS Association responded to the comments of former Minister Ch. Ayyanna Patrudu. Why didn’t these officers give similar responses when the ruling YSRCP MLAs and leaders made highly derogatory remarks against the police in the past? The discriminatory, biased approach on the part of the senior police officers was regrettable.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that there was nothing wrong in Ayyanna Patrudu’s comments and the senior leader just highlighted the prevailing situation in the State. Whereas, the YSRCP leaders made serious comments. YSRCP MLA Kasu Mahesh Reddy levelled an objectionable comment that he would not care about ‘bongu polisulu’ (a derogatory term meaning wasteful). The video went viral all over the State but the Government and the police did not take any action.
Mr. Ramaiah recalled how Chirala YSRCP incharge and former MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan used highly abusive language and he even said ‘kojja polisulu’ (eunuch police). The IPS Association did not issue any counter comment on this. Tadikonda MLA Undavalli Sridevi threatened the local CI and asked whether the police officer was ‘insane’. She also threatened to remove the CI in just two minutes. She also said that the CI got that posting after touching her feet. What more damaging remarks would be there to demotivate the police force in the State? It was a shame for the entire police force and for the Jaganmohan Reddy Government. Nellore YCP MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy caught a CI by the collar and said he would make the SP and DGP stand in front of him.
The TDP leader asked the IPS Association why they did not open their mouths when their own police tied ropes on the gates of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu’s house and prevented from coming out. When the AP Opposition Leader went to the Ramatheertham Temple, the police created all sorts of problems. Down the line, the police officers were dancing to the tunes of the ruling YSRCP leaders and filing false cases. Even former Ministers and senior leaders were being arrested by implicating them in fabricated cases. All sorts of constitutional violations were committed.
Mr. Ramaiah said that YSRCP leader Karri Paparayudu compared the AP police to dogs. Though the ruling YSRCP leaders made any foul comments, the senior police officers remained silent all through. The YSRCP leaders attacked and inflicted injuries on the police during the attack on TDP leader Velapudi Ramakrishna Babu’s office. Later, the same police were forced to say that they were not attacked. Such was the deplorable condition in which the AP police were functioning under the Jagan regime.
The TDP leader asked why even the top police officers were treating former CM Chandrababu Naidu disrespectfully despite his long political and administrative experience. Mr. Naidu was not like the present Chief Minister who had spent 16 months in jail before coming to sit in the CM chair. Why was the IPS Association keeping silent when the DGP was making wrong decisions all the time?

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