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TDP slams YCP false claims on OTS

Govt should give free OTS registrations: GV Reddy
Rs 10,000 Cr collected already for layouts regularization
AMARAVATI: TDP national spokesman G.V. Reddy on Wednesday demanded that the YSRCP Government provide free registrations to the poor beneficiaries of housing schemes without resorting to ‘forced OTS collections’.
G.V. Reddy advised the ruling party MLAs and Ministers to prove their commitment to the poor people instead of launching a misinformation campaign against the TDP. The Government was unable to take up development activities to create wealth. It started a single point agenda of making huge collections from the poorer sections.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said in 2020 itself, the Jagan Reddy regime brought the GO No 10 and collected over Rs. 10,000 Cr from the realtors in the name of regularization of the layouts. The ruling party leaders should explain to the people what they had done with that amount. Now, another massive fraud was started on the poor beneficiaries for houses that have been constructed since 1983.
G.V. Reddy deplored that the latest move to collect 5 percent land from layouts would only impose a big burden on the middle class and poor families. The Government was asking for 5 percent land within the layouts or land equal to that within kms radius or equivalent cash. This plan made it clear that the sole priority of the YSRCP regime was to collect land or money regardless of its impact on the lives of the people.
The TDP leader said that the YSRCP regime had got a very bad name for diverting all sorts of funds for their corruption activities. The benefits being given in welfare programmes were very nominal and being reduced gradually. As per GO No 10, they promised to spend the collections from realtors to develop facilities in their respective regions. But, no such development was taken up till now.
G.V. Reddy said that the AP people had seen how even the funds given under the 15th Finance Commission were diverted in the State. The YSRCP Government has been diverting funds from all important and people-centric programmes. Not a single development activity was taken up and not a single project was completed. However, the State got stuck in a deepening debt crisis in the face of thousands of crores of loans that were taken and diverted.
The TDP leader called it a ‘moral bankruptcy’ on the part of the ruling YSRCP leaders to say that the TDP was creating hurdles when the Government was providing property ownership rights to the poor beneficiaries. When the ruling party was really committed, it should have provided these rights free of cost without collecting a single rupee in the name of OTS.

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