TDP: Subba Rao arrest a ‘black day’ for democracy

CID should disclose audit reports if any: Pattabhi
Subba Rao called as ‘living Abdul Kalam’ for selfless services
AMARAVATI: TDP national spokesman K. Pattabhi Ram on Tuesday called it a ‘black day for democracy’ as the YSRCP Government conspired and arrested a computer science expert of high integrity like Ganta Subba Rao.
Pattabhi asked whether Subba Rao was targetted for rendering selfless services in creation of e-governance and training platforms including the Jawahar Knowledge Centres (JKCs) that helped lakhs of students get jobs nationally and internationally. The AP CID acted like puppets in the hands of the Tadepalli bosses and hastily arrested Subba Rao without showing any evidence.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader challenged the CID officials to disclose details of inspections and inventory reports if they really conducted at all the 40 skill development centres. There was so far no proof of any in-depth investigation. Just because Tadepalli palace targetted Subba Rao, the CID began harassment without verifying facts of the matter.
Pattabhi Ram said Subba Rao was a highly educated person with PhD from University of Minnesota, US, and served as professor at the JNTU Hyderabad and at various global

institutions. Just like Abdul Kalam, who dedicated his life to the service of the nation, Ganta Subba Rao remained a bachelor and devoted his life in service of the youth. He came back from abroad to serve his motherland.
The TDP leader termed it as a ‘matter of deep shame’ for the Jaganmohan Reddy Government to launch a smear campaign against an honest professional and expert like Subba Rao. His arrest has come as a shock to lakhs of young professionals all over the world. Subba Rao studied B.Tech ECE at JNTU Anantapur and M.Tech in computer science at IIT Delhi.
Pattabhi Ram said that Subba Rao has been called as a ‘living Abdul Kalam’ for his selfless and committed services to enhance the opportunities for the younger generation in the country. Subba Rao signed only as a witness in the agreement for the Siemens skill development centres. The main signatory was IAS officer L. Premachandra Reddy. But the CID arrested Subba Rao in a totally thoughtless manner.
The TDP leader dared the CID to make public the audit report if it had prepared before making the Rs 240 cr fraud charges in the Siemens project. The Chandrababu regime took care to make sure all tools and facilities were provided at all the 40 skill development centres at that time. It was a 109-page agreement with Siemens. The Central Institute for Tool Design (CITD) has given a positive report about this project implementation.
Pattabhi asked whether the CID would also arrest the CITD officials for giving positive feedback about the AP Siemens project. Subba Rao was a humble person who did not earn anything during his career. He would have earned crores if he had taken advantage of his early computer science education. Right now, Subba Rao was living with his aged mother on the outskirts of Hyderabad and training youth at the Sidda Centre there.