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TDP to Govt: Probe Rs 43 Cr ‘fraud’ in Telugu Academy

Funds stolen by submitting fake documents in bank: Venkatrao
Jagan rule undermining Telugu language and culture
AMARAVATI: TDP Politburo Member K. Kala Venkatrao on Thursday accused the Jaganmohan Reddy Government of undermining the Telugu language and culture by totally neglecting the significance of the Telugu Academy and its programmes in the State.
Kala Venkatrao said that huge funds were now missing from the account of Telugu Academy which was in the joint list of the two Telugu States. Some unknown miscreants stole over Rs. 43 Cr from the Telugu Academy account in the Union Bank of India branch located at Karwan. They used fake documents. The Government owed an explanation to the people on this massive fraud.
In a statement here, the TDP leader deplored that ever since Jaganmohan Reddy became the Chief Minister, his Government has launched a variety of attacks on the Telugu language and traditions. Now, untoward incidents were taking place in the Telugu Academy, which was something unheard of in its history. What were the Telugu Academy Chairman and officers doing when its crores of rupees funds were withdrawn using false documents? Truth should come out.
Kala Venkatrao demanded that the YSRCP Government order a detailed police enquiry into the looting of Rs. 43 Cr of Telugu Academy funds. Many doubts were rising because the funds were missing from the account of the Telugu Academy which was under the joint monitoring of both the States. Corruption in an institution devoted to the mother language would hurt the sentiments of the people as a whole. It would be nothing but the betrayal of the Telugu language and a blow to its development.
The TDP leader asserted that the thieves who stole the Telugu Academy funds of Rs. 43 Cr should be nabbed. At a time when all other States were promoting their mother language, CM Jagan Reddy was doing injustice to Telugu. There was a lot of negligence. Everybody should remember that Telugu was one of the most ancient languages renowned all over the world. It was also called the Italian of the East. The Jagan regime tried to cancel the Telugu medium all together but the courts had intervened at the right time.
Venkatrao expressed concern that the identity of the Telugu Academy also came under attack as it was renamed as ‘Telugu-Samskrutha Academy’. The Academy was prevented from being solely devoted to the cause of promotion and development of Telugu. The renaming of Telugu Academy exposed the lack of language commitment on the part of the Chief Minister. Jagan Reddy was suffering from multiple deficiencies along ideological, linguistic and cultural lines.
The TDP leader termed it as a setback to the AP people that the CM did not have any idea about the greatness of Telugu language and Telugu University. When a demand was made for issuing GOs in Telugu, the Government had stopped making the GOs available to the public all together. Time has come for every Telugu person to do some soul searching on the tone and tenor of the YSRCP Government. Every Telugu person should come out and join the struggle for saving the glory and greatness of Telugu language and culture.

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