YCP cheap liquor destroying poor people: TDP

CM hurting sentiments to get sadistic pleasure: Saptagiri
Naidu brought Microsoft, Jagan brought mutton shops
‘Pension 3000’ liquor brand aimed to mock at old age pensioners
AMARAVATI: TDP Official Spokesman Saptagiri Prasad on Thursday accused the ruling YSRCP leaders of smuggling and selling cheap liquor brands only to make easy money at the cost of thousands and lakhs of poor families in the State.
Prasad asked whether the Chief Minister would be able to clarify to the poor women on the status of implementation of his Padayatra promise of ‘phased prohibition’. Many poor persons were dying after drinking harmful cheap liquor brands and country-made arrack that were flowing everywhere. Jagan Reddy promised prohibition to poor women but now he opened the floodgates of liquor to crush their lives.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said that the double standards of CM Jagan were exposed when his Government issued GO 57. Big rewards and greater bonus were promised to the salesmen at the Government liquor shops if they rendered satisfactory service in getting more revenue. Was the ruling YSRCP not ashamed of passing such arbitrary GOs? This was totally contrary to the promise of phased implementation of total prohibition.
Saptagiri Prasad termed it as the height of hypocrisy on the part of the YCP Government to levy 20 percent additional tax on bars and restaurants to use this revenue for the welfare programmes. This was enough to say what low levels that the Chief Minister was stooping? GO 310 was issued in October, 2020, but no awareness campaign was held on prevention of liquor consumption. The fake regime was betraying and cheating the common public at every level.
The TDP leader asserted that while Chandrababu Naidu brought jobs, Jagan Reddy was just bringing deadly cheap liquor brands. The YSRCP own companies were bringing their own harmful liquor brands, which could not be found even in google search. The CM was deriving sadistic pleasure by naming his own liquor brands as ‘Pension 3,000’, ‘Special Status’, ‘Railway Zone’, etc. He has failed to fulfill all these promises but made available these liquor brands to destroy poor families without any mercy.
Prasad said that while Chandrababu Naidu brought Microsoft that AP people were proud of, Jagan Reddy was bringing mutton shops and liquor shops in its place. While Naidu brought Hero Motors, Jagan brought ‘heroin’ gangs to the State. Jagan Reddy promised to give Rs. 3,000 pension to the old age people but did not fulfill it after coming to power. However, he was providing the ‘Pension 3000’ cheap liquor brand to humiliate and hurt the sentiments of the poor people.
Condemning the Government’s ‘attitude’, the TDP leader said that Excise Minister Narayana Swamy was failing to take any action when his own Chittoor district has turned into a hub of liquor smuggling from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Minister can’t even speak the words ‘excise and prohibition’ clearly. Jagan Reddy was appointing such persons only to use their ignorance for his personal gains.
Saptagiri Prasad said that the YSRCP came to power by getting the votes of poor people. Now, the same YSRCP Government was aiding and abetting the deaths of poor persons due to consumption of sanitisers, spirits and cheap harmful liquor. The CM and his partymen were getting Rs. 25,000 Cr commissions from the cheap liquor companies in the State.