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YSRCP creating hurdles for Maha Padayatra: TDP

AP stuck in debts but YCP leaders got richer: Venkatrao
No grease to crest gates but Jagan bent on 3 Capitals
AMARAVATI: TDP politburo member K Kala Venkatrao on Tuesday strongly criticised the YSRCP Government for ‘creating hurdles’ to the ongoing Maha Padayatra of Amaravati farmers from the Capital City to Tirupati.
Venkatrao asked whether the Chief Minister could construct 3 Capitals when he could not be able to put grease to the crest gates of irrigation projects. The ruling YSRCP leaders were obstructing the ‘Nyayasthanam to Devasthanam’ Maha Padayatra just like how demons used to spoil the Maha Yagna of the Maha Rishis in history.
In a statement here, the TDP leader deplored that the AP State was plunged into an irreparable financial crisis because of huge debts while the ruling party MLAs were making huge ill-gotten money. Suppressing the peacefully running Maha Padayatra was highly condemnable. The YSRCP was misusing the police in an unabashed manner to crush the morale of the Amaravati farmers.
Venkatrao lauded the Capital City farmers for displaying a rare courage and determination for continuing Maha Padayatra for the past 37 days. The ruling party and the police tried to prevent provision of shelter and places to eat for the Amaravati farmers. Every tiny issue relating to the Maha Padayatra was being politicised in order to sabotage it and prevent it from going forward.
The TDP leader warned that a day would come soon when CM Jagan Reddy would badly repent his decision on 3 Capitals. If he took an early decision to restore Amaravati as sole Capital, it would undo a great injustice that was done to the farmers who sacrificed 34,000 acres for the Capital. Amaravati was located in equi distance between the two farthest corners of the State located in Rayalaseema and North Andhra.
Venkatrao pointed out that over Rs. 2 Lakh Cr worth property was there in Amaravati and it would be useful for developing all the 13 districts in AP if properly utilised. Jagan Reddy took a foolish decision and reduced it to ashes. As a result, no new industries came to AP due to lack of Capital. Even existing industries flew away to other States. The AP youth were deprived of all sorts of new opportunities.
The TDP leader said that under the Chandrababu regime, AP emerged as a ‘sunrise State’ in the country. Now, Jagan Reddy has turned it into a ‘corruption State’. The CM’s atrocious style of functioning would throw the future generations of AP into darkness.
Venkatrao recalled how Jagan Reddy looted the votes of the people by promising to develop Amaravati as the one and only Capital for the State before the elections. After coming to power, the CM took a total U-turn and started destroying and demolishing the thousands of crores worth property in Amaravati.

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