Amaravati chapter dropped out of frustration: TDP

Govt action on pride of AP unpardonable: Anagani
Amaravati agitation going on for past 650 days
AMARAVATI: TDP Repalle MLA Anagani Satya Prasad on Wednesday termed as ‘unpardonable’ on the part of the YSRCP Government to remove the Amaravati Capital City chapter from the text books prescribed for the students of residual Andhra Pradesh.
Satya Prasad said that the Jagan Reddy regime was resorting to silly activities out of sheer frustration over its inability to shift the Capital city even an inch in the past two and half years. While Amaravati would continue to be a ‘People’s Capital’ and a symbol of Andhra pride, the YSRCP rule would go down in history as a dark phase and a black spot.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP MLA deplored that the Capital city farmers, women and youth have been agitating for the past 650 days. But, the Chief Minister was going on pursuing his narrow-minded agenda to suit his selfish personal greed. Five crore people were suffering for the sake of one person’s vicious plans. Amaravati was planned in such a way that it would have connectivity to all corners of the State.
Satya Prasad pointed out that Amaravati was a self-sustainable project with huge potential to usher in development in all parts of Andhra Pradesh. Already, the High Court of AP, Secretariat, Assembly and such complexes were constructed and made available in Amaravati during the Chandrababu regime itself. Over 175 farmers and rythu coolies have sacrificed their lives in the Amaravati agitation.
The TDP MLA recalled how CM Jagan Reddy had given his categorical support for the Amaravati Capital when he was the opposition leader. He made a statement on the floor of the Assembly itself that he was welcoming Amaravati. The CM should explain to the public why he has reversed his stand. The Capital city project works were stopped despite the Central Government providing funds for it.
Satya Prasad asserted that their party would bring pressure on the Government to restore the chapter on Amaravati in the text books. The Jagan Reddy regime was doing all round damage and destruction to the State. Even the future generations of AP would have to bear an unbearable burden because of the massive loans being brought by the Government. These loans were used for filling the YCP leaders’ pockets, thereby pushing AP into neck deep debts.