Govt destroying future of students: TDP

-YCP leaders insulting failed students: Anand Babu
-Lokesh consoled students in zoom meet

AMARAVATI: TDP ex Minister Nakka Anand Babu on Saturday accused the YSRCP Government of playing dangerous games with the lives of innocent students and school children in the State.

Anand Babu expressed concern that the Government was not at all showing any concern when the failed students in 10th examinations were in deep pain and anguish.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader dismissed as meaningless the attempts of the Government to defend its wrongful decisions regarding the examination results. It was not correct to give excuses that the schools were opened with a delay of two months and that syllabus was also cut short.

Anand Babu said that instead of creating confidence among the failed students, the YSRCP people’s representatives entered into the Nara Lokesh zoom conference like thieves and miscreants. Just to win the favour of the Chief Minister, the ruling party leaders were behaving atrociously and disrespectfully.

The TDP leader termed it unfortunate that the YCP regime brought back a very low result that was seen in 10th exams forty years ago. Over 2 lakh students failed en masse, which was proof enough to say in what bad shape the education system was under the present rulers.

Anand Babu said that when 6.22 lakh students took the 10th exam this year, just 4.14 lakh passed. The anguish of the parents was indescribable over this hopeless result. When Nara Lokesh tried to console the failed students, the ruling party leaders created a lot of confusion.

The TDP leader recalled how Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana and Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy gave irrelevant replies. The ruling party leaders resorted to paper leaks repeatedly during the examinations. Eventually, dismal results were seen in the Government schools while there might be no bad results in the corporate schools.

Anand Babu said while Chandrababu Naidu increased pass percentage by giving top priority, Jagan Reddy brought it down in just three years. The Government should take up reverification, revaluation and recounting of the latest 10th results to ensure justice to failed students.

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