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If it is proved that 24 hours electricity is being supplied….I, Sampath will not file nominations

TPCC President Revanth Reddy

TPCC president Revanth Reddy challenged “Free electricity supply is patent of the Congress..KCR is saying that he is giving 24-hour electricity..I am challenging directly..we shall go to any substation in this centre..me and Sampath will not file nominations if it is proven that 24 hours electricity is really given.” Revanth Reddy participated in the election campaign meetings held in Alampur, Gadwal and Makthal on Tuesday.

He asked “Are you ready to rub your nose on the ground if you don’t prove that 24 hours electricity is being given?” He said that Congress party is credited with giving free electricity to farmers, clearing arrears, removing cases and providing free electricity to 18 lakh pump sets. Revanth Reddy asked if KCR had really given water to crores of acres, how come the pump sets increased from 18 lakh to 25 lakh in Telangana.

Revanth Reddy said that KCR is trying to make people believe his lies as has done nothing. There seen a new enthusiasm in all sections-farmers, women, unemployed and a great desire to defeat BRS is visible in the eyes of the people here. He said that KCR has trampled his promise of giving 100 crores for the development of Jogulamba temple. He said that the condition of the temple would not have been like this even if there would a enemy.

Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy was made the President by the Congress Party. Revanth Reddy questioned whether it is the self respect of Venkat Ramireddy to live as a slave under Dora (KCR). He said “Is this the Nadigadda manhood?..think once.” Revanth Reddy commented “As your son I am saying that we will give MLC to Boyas when we come to power. As a son of Nallamala I am saying that it is our responsibility to include Boyas in the ST list.This is a life and death issue for our Palamuru children…a self-respect tissue.”

Revanth said “KCR, KTR and Harish are conspiring to defeat Congress. They are walking around with an axe on their shoulders to kill the Congress. Their conspiracies should be reversed and Congress should be brought to power. Even if there was no Dharani, did the farmers not get financial help during the YS regime? Dharani will be replaced by a new app with better technology…we will protect farmers’ lands. We provide free 24 hours reliable electricity to farmers. We will implement the six guarantees once we come to power.”

KCR did not give even a single ticket to Mudhiraj community in 119 constituencies of Telangana, does it not mean that he does not want their votes.. But Congress gave 4 tickets to Mudirajus. Revanth Reddy in Makthal said that the Congress has given an appropriate position to Mudhiraj community. He said that when given power twice, KCR looted one lakh crores. He will loot more one lakh crore if given power for third time. KCR will give position even to his grandson if voted to power for third time.

We heard that there will be a person who swallows temple and even the “Lingam” in the temple but now we are seeing KCR.
KCR who promised ‘Bangaru Telangana gave Telangana of belt shops. Revanth Reddy commented that not in groups but everyone should unite and make Congress win 14 out of 14 seats in Palamuru, only then Palamuru district will move ahead in development.

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