IRB which has won the ORR tender cannot pay 10 per cent of the funds under the advance


-How to give a tender to IRB that cannot pay even 10 per cent of funds?
-KTR is blaming IRB for violating the rules
-KTR’s foreign trips are to invest in illegal money
-TPCC President Revanth Reddy

“Within 30 days of the letter of agreement issued by the IRB that won the ORR tender, 10 percent of the tender amount should be paid in advance. According to that, Rs. 738 crores out of 7,388 crores has to be paid by IRB within 30 days.

But IRS is asking more time to pay 10 per cent. “KTR is putting pressure on the officials to favour the organisation that violated the agreement without taking action,” said TPCC president Revanth Reddy, slamming the KCR government. How can tender be given to IRB that cannot pay even 10 percent of the funds as per the rules? He asked.

Revanth Reddy demanded that these tenders should be cancelled immediately. On Wednesday, Revanth Reddy spoke to the media at the CLP office. Revanth Reddy alleged that ORR, which is the wealth of Telangana people, was handed over to IRB Development Company of Mumbai under the supervision of KCR, Minister of Municipal Affairs KTR, Principal Secretary of Municipal Department Arvind Kumar and the then CS Somesh Kumar.

He said that since the start of the tender process till the issuance of the letter of agreement for the tender, Congress has repeatedly explained to the people the looting and the thinking of the bigwigs behind it. Revanth Reddy alleged that KTR, who gave away the ORR to the Mumbai company, has now opened the curtain for another robbery.

According to ORR tender rules, the tendered company has to pay 10 percent of the tender amount to HMDA within 30 days of issuing the letter of agreement. After that, the remaining 90 percent of funds should be paid within 90 days. This means that IRB that won the tender has to pay Rs. 738 crores out of Rs. 7,388 crores within 30 days. Letter of Agreement was given to HMDA IRB on April 27. According to this, IRB has to pay Rs. 738 crores by May 26.

KTR, IRB, Somesh Kumar and Arvind Kumar, who got the ORR project worth 1 lakh crores for 7 thousand crores, have not quenched their thirst for money. The IRB is asking for more time without paying the 10 percent due in violation of the agreement. IRB wrote a letter to HMDA asking for another 120 days as they don’t have funds. However, Revanth Reddy alleged that KTR is putting pressure on the officials to favour the organisation that has violated the agreement.

KTR and KCR boasted that they awarded the tender to IRB only after seeing the financial status and value of the assets. Revanth Reddy alleged that KTR is putting pressure on the officials to give flexibility to the IRB to pay in instalments in haste. While Arvind Kumar hesitated to sign due to criticism of various decisions in the recent past, in place of IAS officer Santhosh, BLN Reddy who retired as Chief Engineer of HMDA was brought in as MD of HGCL (Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited) in a hurry and the necessary signatures were made. In the past, the same officer had allotted 400 acres of land worth Rs.10 thousand crores to a private company in Tellapur against the rules. Since then KTR and BLN Reddy have been close.

When the IAS officer Santosh was transferred, he said that he was transferred because there should be a good officer to conduct the exams in TSPSC. Revanth Reddy questioned the government about whether HGCL needs more good officers. He questioned the government as to why BLN Reddy, who retired 10 years ago, was entrusted with the duties of an IAS officer. Revanth Reddy commented that this is proof that the government officials are committing a robbery by using retired officials.

As soon as the tender was awarded, IRB sold 49 percent of its stake to a Singapore company. KTR visited UK at the same time as the ORR tender agreement process was going on. Has anyone been to KTR’s UK tour? Where were Teja Raju and Rajesh Raju when KTR went to Singapore? Revanth Reddy asked. He demanded that the state government disclose those details. Revanth Reddy said that KTR’s words about visiting UK and US for investments are true. KTR’s foreign trips are to hide illegal money and make investments.

KTR’s foreign trips are to invest illegal money. That is why KTR is doing secret meetings. As soon as the tender was awarded to the IRB company, the Singaporean company came. After that shell companies come forward. Who are the kings behind the shell companies, who are the princes?, demanded Revanth Reddy. 10 percent of the funds should be paid by the 26th of this month as per the rules of the IRB.

Revanth Reddy said that the Congress party is demanding to cancel the tenders of the organization if not. The commitment of Mazels, which evaluated the value of ORR, must also be questioned. How can tender be given to IRB, which could not pay 10% of funds? Revanth Reddy asked.

Revanth Reddy demanded that these tenders should be cancelled immediately. At that time when I was going to the secretariat for information required under the Right to Information Act, I was arrested by thousands of police. Since then, HMDA and HGCL officials have been contacted for information. However, the required information is not given. I am the President of the main opposition party and a Member of Parliament.

Despite being in politics for 20 years, why is the secretary of the municipal department not giving me an appointment? Arvind Kumar should give an explanation of the ongoing controversy. Why Arvind Kumar won’t give me an appointment..? Is he only loyal to KCR and KTR? Most of my parliamentary constituency is in GHMC.

HMDA and HGCL offices will be raided if information related to the tender process is not provided under the Right to Information Act. Revanth Reddy warned that the officials will be detained until the information is given. Revanth Reddy said that based on the information given, he will file a complaint against KTR, Arvind Kumar and BLN Reddy to the CAG, Central Vigilance Commission, relevant investigation agencies, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister for corruption in the tender process.

Why don’t Bandi Sanjay and Kishan Reddy complain to the Union Minister even though there is so much looting going on? Why is Bandi Sanjay not talking about ORR corruption? Revanth Reddy asked what is the understanding between BRS and BJP. Revanth Reddy said that the Congress party will stop the fraud taking place under the guise of ORR tender in the public domain and through legal measures.

ORR has hundreds of acres. If commercial activity is started in them, thousands of crores of income will be generated. On the other hand, Revanth Reddy questioned why there is a need to sell ORR so early in the phase of Hyderabad’s rapid development. Now the organization that won the tender will not have even 10 percent funds. It sold its stake in the company to a Singapore company. Revanth Reddy asked what would be the situation if the Singapore company sells that share to Pakistan’s ISI or another company.