‘Kuppam road show

Lokesh urges voters to reject YCP ‘goonda raj’
Naidu brought roads, Jagan brought goondas
‘Cuttings CM’ has cut all benefits for poor families
Jagan went on increasing rates of liquor, current, etc
‘Kuppam gadda, Chandranna adda’
KUPPAM/AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Friday kicked off his civic poll campaign in Kuppam when he urged the people to reject the ‘chaotic and betrayal’ policies of the Jaganmohan Reddy Government.
Lokesh recalled how the Kuppam segment remained totally neglected until Chandrababu Naidu took it over and ushered in a lot of development and welfare. Naidu laid roads and gave houses while Jagan Reddy brought goondas, rowdies and red smugglers from neighbouring constituencies. These anti-social elements would strike fear now only to disappear from Kuppam once the election is over.
Addressing the local public, Nara Lokesh asked why the people should vote for the YSRCP when CM Jagan did not bother to visit Kuppam even once in the past two and half years and never even uttered its name. All development works came to a standstill here ever since the YSRCP came to power. Much damage was done to this segment just because Kuppam gadda (Kuppam land) always stood as ‘Chandranna adda’ (stronghold).
Lokesh urged the voters to compare how Chandrababu nurtured Kuppam like a pious temple with peace and well being while the Jagan regime turned it into a hub of lawless activities. The situation has come to such a sorry pass that one had to take police permission to go to nearby villages. Never before, it happened. Two SIs were there in every village to restrict the daily life of the common public.
Lokesh cautioned that the goondas have come to Kuppam to defeat the TDP in Chandrababu Naidu’s stronghold. Time has come for the Kuppam voters to stand with Chandranna and give victory to him by electing the TDP nominees. Naidu completed 90

percent works on the Handri Neeva project. Jagan Reddy should explain why he could not complete the remaining 10 percent works to ensure drinking water to Kuppam.
Condemning the ruling YSRCP’s ‘false promises’, Lokesh reminded the people of how Jagan Reddy gave kisses in every village and promised to go on increasing pension amounts and welfare benefits every year. What Jagan went on increasing after coming to power turned out to be not benefits but rates of liquor quarter bottles, current charges, house tax, garbage tax and so on.
Nara Lokesh called Jagan Reddy a ‘cuttings CM’ as his rule has cut many benefits to poor families like insurance, Anna Canteens, ‘pelli kanuka’, festival ‘kankalu’, ‘Videsi Vidya’ and SC sub plan funds. The voters should be very cautious about the ruling YSRCP leaders as they would offer tiny benefits only to take back 10 times more. The ruling party would take back Rs. 100 for every Rs. 10 given to the public.
Lokesh asked the Kuppam people to boldly come forward to vote without any fear. It was very important to elect the TDP nominees in order to protect the tradition of peaceful living

and public well being in Kuppam. The people should not be afraid of propaganda that volunteers would find out which party they would vote for. The public should cast their vote with conscience.
Lokesh asserted that the Idupulapaya style oppressive politics would not run in Kuppam. The peace-loving people here would not accept suppression and they would strongly reject the Jagan Reddy policies.