Lokesh slams Govt for targetting senior citizens


Police warned old man over son’s social media post
Kadiri MLA functioning criticised
Old man’s son living in Uganda
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh on Wednesday slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy Government for targetting even senior citizens and elders in the name of alleged objectionable posts on social media.
Lokesh said that more alarmingly, the family members were being harassed for the messages posted by the activists living abroad. Now, the Anantapur police are harassing 70-year-old Srinivasa Reddy in Kadiri assembly constituency. They were threatening and asking the elderly person just because his son living in Uganda posted a message on social media.
In a statement here, Nara Lokesh said that the senior citizen’s son was stated to have criticised the functioning of the Kadiri YSRCP MLA in his post. The police called the elderly person to the police station and gave a warning for the message posted by his son. From this, it was evident how the ruling YSRCP leaders have turned the police force into their pocket organisation meant to serve their vested interests at their beck and call.
Lokesh recalled how the AP police has been acting irrationally and illogically in harassing the social media activists. The ruling party activists have been posting highly objectionable comments but there was no action so far. However, the general public and the opposition activists were being victimised for just expressing opinions on the policies of the Government.
Nara Lokesh said that the YSRCP Government and the ruling party leaders were showing rising levels of intolerance because of the increasing public resentment against their policies. The Supreme Court of India has clarified in its orders that every citizen of the country had a right for freedom of expression under the Article 19 of the constitution. Still, the AP police have been violating the laws and filing false cases against all dissenting voices.
Lokesh advised the Chief Minister and his party MLAs to respect the laws of the land under which they got duly elected by the people. Jagan Reddy made a whole lot of promises and raised very high expectations during the election campaign. But after coming to power, the CM was trampling on the fundamental rights of all sections of people in Andhra Pradesh.