Lokesh urges CM to reinstate contract, outsourced staff

Pay 20 months pending salaries to Apcos staff
CM promised job security before polls but removed jobs later
No jobs and no security for youth under YCP rule
AMARAVATI: TDP National General Secretary and MLC Nara Lokesh on Thursday urged Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy to restore the services of Apcos outsourcing employees without causing any more suffering to their families.
Lokesh also demanded immediate payment of pending salaries to the contract and outsourced employees for over 20 months. Thousands of these employees were brought out of their respective agencies after the formation of the AP Corporation for Outsourced Services (Apcos). But, they were later removed from their jobs so that those opportunities could be given to the ruling party activists.
In a letter to the Chief Minister here, Nara Lokesh termed it as atrocious on the part of the Government to do injustice to the outsourced employees on flimsy grounds. The agencies previously gave salaries to the outsourced and contract employees. All these agencies were cancelled. Later, the Government stopped salaries to these employees on the pretext that the respective agencies were no longer in existence.
Lokesh said that the contract and outsourced employees were not given salaries for 20 months and then they were removed from services without making any payments. The Chief Minister made countless promises to these employees during his state wide padayatra before the elections. At that time, Jagan Reddy said he had listened to their woes and that he would give job security to them after coming to power.
Nara Lokesh reminded the Chief Minister how he had promised the employees that the system of middlemen and agencies would be removed. The Government started another betrayal by announcing that the contract and outsourced employees were brought under the Apcos. Thousands of these employees in the medical and health department were given certificates as Apcos employees. Separate CFMS IDs were created for them so as to treat them as Government employees with job security. Later, they were not paid salaries and arbitrarily removed from their jobs.
Condemning the Government’s ‘indifference’, Nara Lokesh said that the ruling YSRCP dealt another blow to these employees. As their names were registered in the CFMS payment system, their ration cards were cancelled. They became ineligible for Ammavadi and all other benefits under the Government programmes. The CM promised job security before elections but removed their jobs altogether after coming to power.
Lokesh said that over 66 employees were removed in Kakinada GGH along with 1,700 UPHC and 180 Apcos employees. The small employees were now on the roads along with their families as they were not given salaries from Apcos for 14 months and from their agencies for six months. Just for asking for pending salaries, 600 employees were removed from jobs. This indicated how atrociously the YSRCP Government was behaving towards the hapless employees.
The TDP MLC asked the Finance Minister to explain where the funds relating to pending salaries of the Apcos employees were diverted. The Minister was telling lies that thousands of crores of loans were being brought to save the lives of the people. Small employees were not given salaries for 20 months. But Rs. 200 Cr ads were given to the CM’s own media which was as per the RTI reply only.