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TDP calls YCP new districts ‘a diversion game’

YSRCP rule showing false respect to NTR
Jagan Govt cancelled NTR Anna Canteens
Public opinion not taken for new districts

AMARAVATI: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), at its strategy committee meeting presided by party National President and former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu, on Thursday described the reorganization of districts as nothing but a politically motivated ‘diversion game’.

The TDP accused the ruling YSRCP leadership of bringing the formation of new districts to the fore as it was unable to face the rising public resentment on a variety of issues and problems. The present rulers should explain to the public why they had issued ‘overnight notifications’ to reorganize districts with total disregard for the people concerned.

The TDP leader pointed out that there were clear Central directions not to take up district reorganization till the nation-wide census was completed. Any formation of new districts should be conducive for administrative convenience and in accordance with the aspirations of the local public. It should not be in the manner of creating new problems.

The Telugu Desam leaders said they had no objection to naming Krishna district after NTR and anybody would be welcome if they truly respected the TDP founder. The TDP would stick to its demand for Bharat Ratna for NTR. Though NTR name was removed from Hyderabad airport, the TDP did not politicize and it did not object to giving YSR name to Kadapa district.

Some TDP leaders asserted that their party would not practise double standards like the ruling YSRCP, which was demolishing NTR statues in the State on the one hand and feigning great respect for him on the other. It was a fact that the Jagan regime stopped NTR Smruti Vanam in Amaravati and also cancelled Anna Canteens, which were started in the name of NTR.

Expressing concern, the TDP leaders slammed the YCP regime for handling reorganization of districts in a very disorderly and indifferent manner. Protests were erupting in several places because the Government did not take the local people into confidence. Opposition was arising against the new districts even within the ruling YSRCP.

The TDP strategy panel said the new districts were brought to the fore despite the Centre’s clear orders not to do so. This was only aimed at misleading the public. CM Jagan has already harmed the State with his hasty decisions. By reorganizing districts unscientifically, the CM was creating differences between different regions.

Some TDP leaders asked where was the need for issuing overnight notifications on January 25 by hurriedly sending a note to and getting it approved by Ministers. This was not even discussed at the Cabinet meet held on January 21.

The TDP expressed concern that the ruling YSRCP was trying to take undue political advantage through such illogical decisions like Capital shifting and formation of new districts. In doing so, the ruling party was not hesitating to cause any kind of harm to the State and its people.

The TDP leaders said the Governor should have responded upon receiving their party’s complaint on the Gudivada illegal casino event. There should be action since a Cabinet Minister himself got involved in holding an illegal casino. The TDP would not let go of this and it would continue its agitation till action would be taken against the guilty.

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