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TDP seeks white paper on SC backlog posts

-CM Jagan a ‘betrayer of Dalits’: ex Ministers
-SC Corporation funds diverted to Navaratnalu

AMARAVATI: TDP former Ministers Peethala Sujatha and K.S. Jawahar on Monday demanded that the YSRCP Government release a white paper on its efforts made for overall job creation and for filling SC backlog posts in the State in the past three years.

The former Ministers sought a clarification from the Government on a report published in the media that the backlog posts were transferred to open category. The Jagan regime promised many things before the polls but later dealt a severe blow to the Dalit job aspirants after coming to power.

Addressing a press conference here, Sujatha and Jawahar said even the appointment of Gautam Sawang for the AP Public Service Commission (APPSC) was just a farce. Not a single Group I or Group II job was filled till now. The Chandrababu regime filled 2,344 backlog posts during 2014-`17, recruited 3,700 through two DSCs and filled 4,339 posts through APPSC and police. The TDP created 4 lakh jobs through SC Corporation.

The ex Ministers demanded that CM Jagan should revive best available schools, overseas education, scholarships, corporations loans and education opportunities for PG students. How could the funds of SCs corporations be diverted to Navaratnalu? Bias was being shown in favour of the upper castes welfare corporations. No funds were allocated for sub plans or SC corporations in the budget.

The TDP leaders said Jagan Reddy was playing a 3-card game with the Dalits just like he has been playing with the lives of Amaravati farmers with Capital trifurcation. Three corporations were formed for Malas, Madigas and Rellis in place of the SC corporation. But no loans or Innova cars or tractors were being given. The Dalit Ministers in Jagan Reddy Cabinet were mortgaging their communities for the sake of their personal posts and benefits.

Jawahar said Jagan Mohan Reddy turned out to be a ‘betrayer of Dalits’ after coming to power by making countless promises to them in 2019. Even the Christians were grossly unhappy with the YCP regime. Mundadugu was set aside. The chairman posts in corporations were merely ornamental and there were no offices of chairs. Jagan Reddy would bite the dust as the Dalits had decided to give a strong blow to him in the next elections.

Sujatha deplored that the YCP regime brought the oppressive Raja Reddy constitution in place of the people-friendly Ambedkar constitution in the State. Telangana was giving notifications for filling 1 lakh jobs. Whereas, the AP Government has been chasing away even the industries that were set up during the TDP rule.

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