TDP slams Vijay Sai for ‘threatening’ Telangana cops

Araku valley birthplace of country-wide ganja: Ashok
YCP feels drug trade is their birthright
AMARAVATI: TDP MLC P. Ashok Babu on Thursday strongly objected to YSRCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy threatening to complain to CM K. Chandrasekhara Rao against a Telangana cop for his recent statement on AP ganja mafia.
Ashok Babu asked how Vijay Sai could make a thoughtless allegation that the Telangana cop had affiliation with the TDP. The YSRCP MP was also his party national general secretary but he was not hesitating to make irresponsible statements even to demoralise and demotivate the police force.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP MLC said that everybody knew that Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh has emerged as the birthplace of ganja in just two and half years. The top level cops of Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have blamed AP as the source of ganja seized in their States. Reports were there about ganja being transported in coconuts from Araku valley in AP to different parts in the country.
Ashok Babu said that KCR had also announced that his Government would put down the ganja mafia with an iron hand. Would Vijay Sai Reddy complain against Telangana CM to the President of India? The Rajya Sabha MP was speaking as if ganja cultivation and supply were the birthright of their YSRCP leaders. Vijay Sai comments were indicating that they would target all those police officers who would dare to seize and arrest ganja and drug gangs.
The TDP leader said that the police officers of many States have issued open statements about AP being the source of drugs. In the eyes of the YCP MP, all these officers would be seen as affiliated persons of TDP. Afghanistan became a threat to many countries by making and smuggling heroin. Likewise, AP became a threat to all other States in India by growing ganja and supplying it illegally. Ganja was being transported in liquid, powder and raw forms from Araku valley.
Ashok Babu advised Vijay Sai Reddy to stop making lectures as he was a patriot or a spiritual leader. The AP Government should stop promoting ganja and drug smuggling gangs. Ganja was being freely cultivated in Araku valley. Alarmingly, the Government was providing a safety net for ganja growers and smugglers. If Vijay Sai was bold enough to complain to KCR, he should give the name of the police officer who had links with TDP.
The TDP leader asserted that their party would continue its fight against the Government-sponsored ganja gangs in the State. If the YCP MP made complaints, the TDP would make counter complaints to the Centre, to the NIA and the Narcotics Control Bureau. Complaints would be made against AP CM and Vijay Sai. The whole people and the country should not suffer because of the irresponsible activities of the ruling YSRCP in AP.
Ashok Babu deplored that the AP Government and the YCP leaders were behaving openly as if they were favouring drug smugglers. They were not giving any indications to take action against the drug gangs.