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TDP slams CID for faulty FIR in APSSDC case

Rs 241 Cr fraud not possible in Rs 371 fund: GV Reddy
Funds paid during Premachandra Reddy’s term
AMARAVATI: TDP national spokesman G.V. Reddy on Saturday strongly criticised the YSRCP Government for making ‘belated and false’ allegations of Rs. 241 Cr fraud in the Siemens project of the AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) during the previous regime.
G.V. Reddy asked how Rs. 241 Cr funds could be embezzled when the then AP Government spent just Rs. 371 Cr towards its share. Moreover, the Central Government had perused the project expenditure and given a report that everything was proper at that time itself.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said the YCP Government did not do anything to find evidence in the past two and half years but now it was making false charges. The AP CID filed a ‘faulty FIR’ without specifying the facts. The Government was not having a definite idea of which institution that former IAS officer K. Lakshminarayana was the director at the time of the alleged fraud.
G.V. Reddy pointed out that if the Rs. 241 Cr really happened as per the Government’s allegations, then it was IAS officer L. Premachandra Reddy who was the Chairman and Managing Director of the AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) at that time. It was during Premachandra Reddy’s tenure that the payment of funds towards the State’s share was made to Siemens.
The TDP leader said that even if anybody at the level of a director took a decision, eventually the CMD would have the final say in the matter. The CID should have questioned Premachandra Reddy. However, Lakshminarayana was now being targetted out of sheer vindictive politics. How could one member do such massive corruption when there was a Chairman and several other members?
G.V. Reddy said that the Government had an ulterior motive to blame former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu by levelling allegations against Lakshminarayana. The CID acted irrationally and hastily on a fake complaint made by a person working in the APSSDC. The complaint was made at 12 noon on December 9 and the CID went to the residence of Lakshminarayana by midnight the same day.
The TDP leader slammed the CID for stating wrong facts in the FIR. Lakshminarayana served as director of the APSSDC but the FIR mentioned it as director of the APPSDC. No legal procedures were followed in the case. The information in the FIR and the charge sheet would not match. Whereas, the Government advocates were arguing blindly that the TDP leaders and other accused committed crimes.
G.V. Reddy advised the YCP rulers to stop fabricated cases and false propaganda at least now since the State as a whole has been suffering a lot on all fronts. While the industrialists were not coming forward to make investments, the State was getting stuck in a deeper debt trap. When the courts were abiding by the constitution, the ruling party was launching a smear campaign against the judges.

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