TDP smells Rs 2,500 Cr fraud in 5% land plan

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Govt plan would crush housing dreams of people: Pattabhi
YCP selling Govt lands and taking layout lands at one go
AMARAVATI: TDP national spokesman K. Pattabhi Ram on Tuesday accused the YSRCP Government of starting another Rs. 2,500 Cr fraud in the name of taking 5 percent land for the poor people from the housing site layouts all over the State.
Pattabhi asked why the Government was trying for another 1,000 acres in the name of 5 percent land when it had already collected 68,000 acres for giving house sites to the poor beneficiaries. It was condemnable that the Jagan regime was selling Government lands in the name of Build AP on the one hand and collecting land from layouts on the pretext of housing on the other hand.
Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader said the latest plan of the ruling party would only harm the poor and middle class people as it would cause a steep hike in house site rates. The real estate business men would pass this additional burden on to the common public who would like to buy a site to construct their dream house. An average family would not be able to own their house in AP any longer.
Pattabhi said the gazette notification 275 made it mandatory for each layout to allot 44 percent land for public roads and spaces. With the latest 5 percent plan of the YCP regime, the realtors would have to allot 49 percent land for public spaces. The Government’s plan would have a bad impact on the entire realty sector which was already struggling in the State.
The TDP leader pointed out that ever since the YSRCP came to power, the sand and cement rates have been skyrocketing. If the rates of house sites would also go up, the common public would not be able to even dream of owning a house. The absence of development, industries and job opportunities have been hitting all sectors of AP economy including the realty.
Pattabhi said that if the Government aimed at collecting 1,000 acres now, it would come to around 50 lakh sq yards. Each yard may cost Rs. 5,000 on an average. Going by this, the realtors would have to pay Rs. 2,500 Cr every year to the Government. In some places, the land rates would be above Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 per yard. In such cases, the realtors would have to pay double or three times the rates in other places.
The TDP leader accused the Government of giving the option of giving money for the 5 percent land as part of a malafide intention. The YSRCP knew well that the realtors would prefer to pay money rather than give land out of their layouts. As such, it was clear that the immediate intention of the Jagan regime was to collect money. Right from the beginning, this Government has been following such bankrupt policies.

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