TDP urges DGP to book case against Seediri

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Minister intimidated CI at Sarada Peetham: Ramaiah
YCP leaders ill treating police on duty

AMARAVATI: TDP politburo member Varla Ramaiah on Thursday urged the DGP to book a case against Minister Seediri Appalaraju for ‘obstructing’ a Government officer from discharging his duty at Sarada Peetham in Visakhapatnam.

Ramaiah wrote a letter to the DGP, demanding urgent action against the Minister for ‘abusing the CI with filthy language, manhandling and threatening him with dire consequences, and for criminal intimidation’. Video evidence was available to prove Appalaraju’s attack on the police inspector.

The TDP leader termed the Minister’s attack on the CI as a cognizable offence that required immediate and deterrent action. The ruling YSRCP leaders were subjecting the police to continuous ill-treatment and humiliations in public. The police officers were becoming victims of the ruling party’s attacks and they were paying heavily for supporting the lawless forces.

Ramaiah said in the latest incident, the YSRCP leaders abused police with filthy language on 9th February 2022 at Visakhapatnam at the main entrance of Sarada Peetham. Minister Seediri Appalaraju went to Sarada Peetham along with his followers to attend the CM’s meeting. The Circle Inspector (CI) on duty stopped the Minister and suggested that the followers of the Minister cannot be allowed inside in view of the security of the Chief Minister.

The TDP leader told the DGP that the Minister became greatly agitated and started abusing the CI in filthy language and pushed him. Earlier too, on many occasions, the YSRCP leaders had threatened police officials on duty, but no action had been taken against them.

Ramaiah said that in the past, the police filed cases against him in violation of Article 14 just for arguing with officials. Case was filed despite no use of abusive language. It appears that there is no “equality before law” under your leadership. The police were filing cases against opposition leaders and the general public, while leaving the YSRCP leaders scot free.

The TDP leader said that a video clip of Minister Seediri Appalaraju threatening, using abusive language and pushing the CI has been enclosed with his letter as evidence.

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