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YCP blocking MPP chance for a Muslim Minority woman: TDP

Give caste certificate to Shaik Jabeen: Atchanna to Guntur Collector
TDP got clear majority to win Duggirala MPP
10 MPTCs supporting TDP as against just 8 of YCP
Election irregularities reached peak in Mangalagiri segment
AMARAVATI: TDP State President K. Atchannaidu on Thursday accused the ruling YSRCP of continuing their serious election irregularities in order to prevent even a Muslim Minority woman from winning an MPP president post in the Mangalagiri assembly constituency.
Atchannaidu asserted that their party had a clear majority of 10 out of total 18 MPTCs to win the Duggirala MPP seat. But, the local Tehsildar rejected the caste certificate for TDP MPP candidate Shaik Jabeen on the flimsy grounds of incomplete application. Even the District Collector has not taken prompt action even though a representation was already made to him. Obviously, the ruling YSRCP leaders forced the Duggirala Tehsildar to reject the caste certificate and to go on leave with an ulterior motive to hijack the election.
In a statement here, the TDP leader demanded that the Guntur District Collector act as per the laws and take immediate steps to issue the caste certificate to Shaik Jabeen. Her application dated 20-09-2021 was pending with the Duggirala Tehsildar office. Initially, they delayed the process giving silly reasons like there was no power supply and computers were not working. Later, application was rejected on the wrong pretext that caste details were not provided in column 5. Actually, caste details were asked in column 9 and the same were provided saying that Jabeen belonged to BC-E caste.
Atchannaidu said that the Duggirala incident once again exposed how the officials at all levels were dancing to the tunes of the ruling party leaders. Duggirala had a total of 18 MPTCs. TDP contested in 16 and left 2 seats for the Jana Sena as part of an understanding. However, YSRCP snatched away two TDP candidates and one Jana Sena candidate. Eventually, TDP got 9 MPTCs, Jana Sena 1 and YCP 8. TDP’s Shaik Jabeen won Chiluvuru MPTC general seat. Due to changes in equations, Jabeen was announced as the TDP candidate for Duggirala MPP election.
The TDP leader deplored that YCP Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy was bringing undue influence on the officers to create hurdles by making Jabeen’s candidature as invalid for MPP poll. The YCP leaders had snatched away 3 MPTCs of rival parties but they could not get a majority to win Duggirala MPP. Alla Ramakrishna Reddy along with officers began resorting to all sorts of election irregularities. They opened a vicious game to win an MPP seat in Mangalagiri segment only to take total political advantage since Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy was residing in this segment.
Atchannaidu urged the State Minorities Commission to intervene and ensure justice to the Minority woman candidate who got a chance to become the MPP president. The Commission should inquire into the rejection of caste certificate to Jabeen and take stringent action against the erring officers. Ever since Jaganmohan Reddy became the Chief Minister, the Minorities had come under attack in multiple ways. The TDP would not keep silent and it would fight a relentless struggle against the atrocities and harassment by the YCP leaders against the weaker sections and minorities.
The TDP leader said that the YSRCP leaders were putting a lot of pressure on the Jana Sena MPTC and some other members to somehow win the Duggirala MPP. However, their ulterior efforts went in vain. They tried to hold and win the election twice but the TDP and Jana Sena members foiled their efforts by causing lack of quorum by not attending the meeting. At least now, the District Collector should issue the caste certificate to Jabeen. To prove her BC-E caste, there was a school admission record sheet of Jabeen’s daughter Shaik Thameem Methab. No further hurdles should be created for Jabeen to become the MPP president of Duggirala.

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